Where is sorcery? Does the devs need help on spells?

On my server I’ve put a chest from which people can loot the chocho attack if they want to throw fireballs.
It works like a charm!
It stops being interesting after 5 minutes though :slight_smile:


Nor was it ever “promised”. Selective listening and wishful thinking do not override Joel Byers, “Hell, No!”.

That being said, horses were not supposed to be implemented, fast travel was considered unnecessary, yet here we are.

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Sorcery was promise. Lichdom,necromancy,curses,transformations and summon demons was pregame release promise.

No, it wasn’t a “promise.” You are confusing Early Access road map goals, with concrete “promises.” Extremely normal game development process, things get put on the cutting room floor. Happens to literally every game ever made.


Do I need to pull up the EA video. The selling point for preorder was sorcery.

By the way where is he? I no longer see him on the forums.

Let us try a different angle shall we. Captainbonecold, Ladybonecold is that you?


Same, I’m guessing he did what I did awhile ago and, had his account deleted. But I don’t really know.

For me alchemy isn’t magic. It’s just early chemistry. Magic has a much more significant metaphysical component.

Like I said before though, not a fan of having a bunch of exiles running around throwing fireballs everywhere all the time. But, sorcery that was more circumstantial could work. And I don’t mean more sticking components in a workbench and pulling out a random skeleton a few hours later. Or running to a specific location to activate a portal. The example I gave earlier about spellweaving was more in line with what I’m thinking. It’s there, but you really don’t wanna be using it all the time.

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By all means, please do. I’ve yet to see someone provide even a shred of evidence that sorcery was “promised”.


yes please, this one is the first one i saw and there is no sorcery in it

Hate to break it to you, but being an EA player myself sorcery was never promised nor was it ever a selling point. It was discussed as a possibility and then it was discarded as something that was not feasible at the time. It is also something that they have still continued to say they are looking at but that they are looking at continuing down the path of what was already implemented in the form of creating skeletal servants from bones (aka raising the dead). That type of sorcery has already been in the game for some time now, so why ask where it is when it’s already been here for what, a year? Maybe longer?


Summoning Gods ain’t enough?

Nope. :wink:

“No sorcery?” What are you talking about? Didn’t you see that guy just making brick walls appear out of nowhere? Also there was that strange horizontal bow. You can’t hold a bow horizontally like that! It could only have been magic.


As I said (and was completely ignored), you are confusing an Early Access road map and a “promise” or a guarantee.

Every game ever made has features that are discussed for goals or road maps. And there is always things that get cut for any number of reasons from said goals or road maps. Games that are not in Early Access have the same road maps seen in the video you refer to. Only difference with an Early Access title is that the developer made their goal list public (as most Early Access devs do, since that’s the whole point of EA).

Bottom line, things get cut. Its fine to keep pining over the Sorcery concept and to discuss what you think would be cool. But at no point was anything deemed a “promise.”


I play with lady in Diablo 3 and warframes. Lady sucks at warframes,but rocks in d3. I played with captain in d3 and warframes. Captain better at warframes.

Something that anyone with any significant experience in indie games can attest to, whether as a developer or as a player. They frequently have very ambitious goals that can’t be met, if the game even reaches a finished state at all.


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