Testlive ready for live?!

Dear Devs
Since the last Testlive patch only a few reports for major bugs are left. Also the suggestions for weapon balance and combat mechanics seemed to reach a manageable status. By now there are only about 40 user comments since the last patch. For me it’s a clear sign for relevant improvements.
I really hope this week will be the week to update the live version. :innocent: please do so :pray:t3:


To me it seems that people just gave up, considering the last two patches fixed almost nothing.

Yes please, i had test the new version only one day due to lack of perf on my computer, can’t go between live & testlive every day.

It was great and gived another dimention to the game, please drop it on my rp serv, so our war will be inproved :3

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A month left before the release, they need to release LIVE more people can evaluate and test.


Testive has the following game breaking bugs:

NPCs (animals and humans) do not respawn in MP unless you restart the server.
Humanoids cannot be harvested in MP (religions don’t work because of this).
Resource nods respawn in MP, but take a client reconnect to see them (you rubberband if you run over them).
Derketo isn’t fully implemented in SP
Some recipes and repair lists are wonky

Suffice to say, its not ready for live yet. Those of us playing on Testlive do so out of patience and the desire to help test new features. It is nowhere near being ready for the general population.


But these are only 2 major bugs about spawning (I remember similar bugs after the frozen north „live“ update), one Bug about religious items, one missing issue about Derketo in SP and a few minor bugs. These will surely be solved with the next patch. Also the live version these days won’t be the live version on release.
And as I understood, the Testlive Version is only for testing the combat mechanics in balance and perks, not for identifying bugs. This was the live version for :innocent:

Yes I forgot the trebuchet :blush:

They need to fix the trebuchet.

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