This is Getting old and Tedious Funcom

We all know that you are a big fanboy. It is at least questionable to label an expansion for a finalized game EA, it’s a bit of a poor excuse. And fact is, that this update is rushed, to say it politely. Missing recipes, game crashes on wild surges, corrupted patch files point clearly in a direction that this patch would have needed some proper time in Testlive. The bugs in this one are so prominent, they simply can’t have gotten through unnoticed

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If it compiles ship it … smile and wave boys… smile and wave :joy:

Honestly I did say several times that the dev team aren’t focused and the quality assurance is non existent. People would argue on behalf of Funcom popping off about software development process and how give the dev teams a break etc

I don’t mind today release. Never experienced a crash, found all the loop holes for the craft station benchmarks … and just to make our day even better not one mesher clan but now two … all on 6401 (even in after I warned Funcom staff they would migrate over)… so much for the anti mesh fix … and to make it worse they use a spot I told funcom weeks ago about.

In other words - the beatings will continue until moral improves.


Did anyone notice the Siptah rhinos turn pure white when they die … how … do you screw that up … :rofl::rofl:

Anti-meshing measures are not active on Siptah. They have already explained that in detail.


It is their game why do they have to do anything for a 3rd party? They never signed some agreement? No well then there is the answer.

I already plan in at least one or two weeks of not playing Conan Exiles after it had an update because I know that Funcom will break too many things :smile:

Luckily I am patient and can wait that long, I get enough headaches with the game when it’s in a “fixed” state so I don’t really need more of that on “patch days”.

That said there is this saying “Never play on patch day”. I learned about that in the old Age of Conan forums and it still holds up to this day in most games and it is still especially true with Funcom :slightly_smiling_face:

As if being a fan boy is somehow a bad thing.


Yikes, Siptah is early access no the base game. I bought the game in feb 2017 I highly doubt these 3 years have been early access.


Exactly this. I wish they would consider the negative impact some of the changes make on the community and their willingness to keep playing, or invite new friends to buy it and join us all, vs just looking at the handful of people who shrug and say ‘I’m fine with it’ and only consider their opinion.

From a business perspective, failing to consider the full logic of a decision and how it impacts the game is going to negatively impact revenue, at the very least. I don’t want that, because that means they will eventually not get to continue making a cool game that I fell in love with. D:

Funcom, please listen to the community. Even at our peak levels of frustration, we really do have your best interests at heart.


No read the release notes it was mentioned …

Wait are you saying if was not clearly worded in the release notes that the new system was not released but instead being worked on whilst sounding like it was released in vague obscure wording as to give players false hope given it was in the release notes?

Well I for one am shocked, as you must be clearly wrong as that would also mean we’d have to now wait until 2.2 for under meshing to have any chance of resolution - which guesstimate is December?

Imagine telling a customer base they still won’t resolve this issue, get people to still follow a process which clearly hasn’t yielded any results and have an entire gaming population give up and abandon a product due to a low priority resolution for cheating ?

I think your wrong … you must be wrong as that just simply doesn’t make any commercial sense. Nope … more I think on it, you’re definitely wrong. They said in the release notes the words anti mesh … which means it’s patched and the new system is being used now.

Yup your wrong. As it makes no commercial and release management sense to talk about a feature you haven’t released inside the release notes.

Silly billy

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From the patch notes, added emphasis mine:

In other words, they did some tweaking of the map itself, tweaking they needed for the anti-undermesh measures that they’re working on and testing on TestLive. They haven’t activated those measures on live servers, for Siptah. The explanation for why not is in the post I linked previously.

Don’t shoot the messenger, by the way. I promise I had nothing to do with any of those decisions :wink:

So I take it my server is not the only one experiencing issues? I can’t get it to restart.

I know I hoped my sarcasm came through … basically they said we patched minor areas of the map but anyone with under meshing right now or if they move … gg … cya in December

Which … astounds me at how time deaf they are


It didn’t for me, sorry.

not necessarily, but if you troll people that are voicing valid criticism, it goes a bit far. I mean most of us are her because we like this game a lot, if not we wouldn’t care

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Does this means its on Exiles?

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Based on the information I have seen on the forums, not yet:

If there’s anything newer that contradicts this and I haven’t seen it, I apologize for misinformation.

Nothing to apologize for, thanks for the info!.

Very very very important point.

If people were on here fist waiving and chattering their teeth over “How much they hate Funcom” or “How this game sucks and you should all abandon it”…fine you could reconcile that people are just trolls and probably need to expand their horizons.

However, i’d say even the most venomous toxic hard lined comment or post on this forum is still underpinned by the very belief “Do better, we want you to”.

One thing I’ve learned in many games and the industry is never underestimate your customer out-of-game expertise as being lesser than yours. Meaning, in my circle of friends and people I play with I have seasoned game developers who work at Mojang, Valve, Ubisoft and many other brands all different roles with equal successes and failures.

When they voice their concerns or raise their fists in the air about a game they are enjoying isn’t doing things right… probably not a bad idea to let a little bit of hubris in and listen to them, there maybe free advice or knowledge shared.

Ignoring them assuming your customer base are never happy or simply assuming they aren’t experienced enough to fully comprehend the vast challenges running a game like Conan Exiles is like…well… thats just plain disappointing to observe.

As thats whats happening imho.




Thats 3 post we’ve agreed with one another.

I dont like this new patch at all Code… its…making…too many changes at once :slight_smile: haha