Pc Mods as FREE DLC on Consoles

I mention this a few minutes ago in the xbox parity update thread but thought I would post it here as well and see what others think.

My suggestion if for Funcom to talk with the Modder Community to work with them to release of few of the CE mods available on Pc as FREE DLC pack for download onto consoles. A few examples would be like Structure and placebles, stat-less clothing, or animal skins. Mods that wouldnt significantly effect the balance or performance of the game. But would make the game more interesting for console players while we wait for other issues to be dealt with.

I’m all for this, so long as mod authors are compensated, it worked wonders for studio wildcards ark:survival evolved. Until they dropped support for one of the added mods but left it’s broken mangled mess in the game. Plus they added some nice additions to their dev team from it.


yes would be nice however funcom does not own conan world but are under contract that requires almost all of the game must be lore friendly to a degree obviously it can’t be perfect but unless its lore friendly they cant

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Corect they wouldn’t be able to do it for another couple years when the works of Robert E. Howard becomes public domain legally.

Quality of life stuff that modded have done would be a welcome addition, plus as long as stuff isn’t too far out there then I wouldn’t think it would be problematic. As a console player I haven’t the foggiest of notions what all mods are out there. But I would bet a fair few would fit the ticket.

Well i personally would have to agree that it would have to be lore friendly, for instance the Witch Queen/ Lemurian textured structures, or Derketo themed panther skins. Nothing that would be game or lore breaking. COULD Funcom do this?.. Absolutely! They would merely need to have thier legal department to draw up a contract agreement with the creator of the chosen mods to purchase the rights to that mod. The could also give modders more incentive to do what the do. However the question is WOULD Funcom do this? To be honest I highly doubt it.

This right here is the only problem I have with these types of threads (and they get posted a lot). Nobody ever asks what the mod authors think about it. And when we add our input, we tend to get yelled at because we aren’t as eager to stop working on our mods as players think we are.

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Hence why I specificly worded it this way in my original post.

I understand that as authors Modders may find it hard to let go of the art they have put so much time and effort into. But look at it from the other side of the glass for a moment. Ive watched hundreds of Conan Exiles mod videos thanks to Firespark81 and KiahonFire but thats as close to those mods i will ever get. Im not about to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on a pc just to spend another hundred dollars buying a game and dlcs ive already paid for. I truely understand modders want to hang on to their babies but from a console point of view it feels like we are being punished because we cant afford to play in the pc world. Would you call that fair or would you yourself be willing to shatter the glass wall? @Multigun

And think of it this way it would give modders new code to play with to make thier mods console compatible.

Howeer in the end it would still have to pass the Microsoft/Sony checks. Now ask yourself how many game mods made by Rando’s do you see on console?

OUR mods, WE get to decide what to do with them. Why is this such a hard concept for console players to understand? Every single thread it’s like that. “You should be willing to sacrifice your projects so us console players can do what we want.”

You want me to give up on my projects I’ve spent literal THOUSANDS of hours on, so you can what, play with them for a few months? Maybe? I’m not about to give up the things I’ve poured my heart and soul into for the last 3 years, just so console players are a tiny bit happier.

So instead of purchasing the rights to our mods (us giving up our projects), the alternative is you want mod authors to develop mods for both PC AND Consoles. Gotcha, as if we aren’t already beyond overworked and don’t already spend every waking second we have on our projects.

But let’s pretend hat somebody like me has that kind of free time by some miracle (and believe me, I don’t) you are good with buying me an Xbox One, Xbox S, Xbos X, PS4, and PS5, right? What was it that you said…oh right, here it is.

The absolute only way I would ever make my mods compatible with consoles, is if somebody bought me said consoles. The last Xbox I bought was an Xbox 360, and I bought it used from a friend just so I could play Rockband on it. That’ll likely be the last time I buy a console. So if you expect me to somehow find yet more volunteer hours that I don’t have, you best be ready to buy me the consoles so I can properly develop and test my mods. And I’m not the only mod author who feels that way (been around the modding community for 3 years).

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I assume you create mods because you enjoy doing it. Its an artform you feel completes you or in some way tells your story. If I was wrong in that assuption I truely apologize, but have to ask then why put in all the time and work into it? But for one thing please dont catagorize me simply for wanting enjoy what you are willing to put your heart and soul into. By the way you replied to my comments this is obviously a sore subject, but im not the others who have come before. Yes i want to see mods on console, do i want the modders getting screwed absolutely not. All im trying to do is find some middle ground such as editing rights game credit royalties, and thus far you are the first modder whom has spoken up. And if it really boils down to it for you to agree to at least try Ill buy you an xbox my d@#$ self. But I just dont want to see another barrier dividing our world, man/woman, black/white, straight/gay, PC/Console.

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The problem is, anything that they modders do let become a DLC consoles, has to go through the same standards testing that the game does. That also means that any time there is a bug or exploit found that it would have to go through the whole process again. They won’t be able to just push a quick fix, like they do now. And on top of that, a lot of the more popular mods are from different authors, so if you combine them, you have to make sure that they all play correctly together, on every console. And on top of that, the modders DO NOT have the full dev kit, that FunCom does. So anytime there’s an update, there’s a huge likelihood that they have to go through the whole verification process over again with each FunCom patch to consoles. Considering that nearly all of these people, even though they love doing this, use up their free time for the current PC version for no pay and a lot of griping. Most, not only would need you to buy them the consoles so they could make them properly, but also pay them so they can quit their jobs to pursue this full time, as that’s the only way they could have time, IF they even wanted to.


You realize how crazy your answer is right? The second you mod any game without authorization you are sacrificing it. Just ask all the modders Blizzard, Activision, and EA have gone after over the years. You don’t want people playing your mod keep it off the internet . Just imagine if all modders were as greedy as you we wouldn’t have Star Wars Battlefront witch actually started out as a community created mod for Battlefield 2. BTW if you created it using the CE Dev/Mod kit you can’t claim soul ownership as you used resources you don’t own.

which makes the sources not less my property.

and multigun is 100% correct. it makes a big difference if your code runs on a console with very limited resources or a pc, and modding for consoles without the possibility to test the mod makes no sense. so if someone is willing to buy a console or 2 for me so that I can test my stuff I’m willing to share. no?


Congrats, that is literally the most full of horse crap answer I have ever seen on the internet.

Seriously don’t know why I just spent the past 14 hours straight working on mod updates, for responses like this. Or spent 13 hours on the dev stream summary that I posted a few days ago. That I didn’t do for a single penny. I don’t have a PayPal, and I don’t have a Patreon. I don’t ask for a single cent.

And the “thanks” I get, is IM GREEDY.

@RavenS117 And this is also why I wouldn’t want to create and spend triple the amount of time on my mods for you console people. Because this is the stuff we are REGULARLY subjected to. And it’s the primary reason people get tired of modding for Conan and quit. And I don’t blame them for one second.


You all loved by a bunch of us Multigun. You and all the rest of the modders that put in so much hard work.

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Very well @Multigun youve made your point. Ill not push it further. But just for the record i have a gaming PC, But im still not pay twice for a busted game that the modders do a better job of improving than its creators do. I have the utmost respect for you and your fellow modders and what you guys do. Ive been nothing but respectful but my opinion is treated as if it came from a malcontent, would it hurt to show me the same curtousy? I’ll close this statement by proposing an alternative talk with your friend at Funcom to have Conan Exiles added to the list of Xbox Play Anywhere titles so i dont have to buy it again to play it on my PC. Thank you for your precious time.

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