Hope regarding the DLC policy

Dear Funcom team,

First of all, I would like to thank you. Thanks for Conan Exiles (CE). CE is a really great game. And when I read in the forum here, see many others exactly like that. The community is passionate about it.

I have the following hope or request regarding the DLC policy.

I would be happy if CE continues to be kept alive by many DLCs. The DLCs are welcome to pay. But I’m not just thinking about cosmetic DLC. I think of DLC, which is expanding the gameplay.

As a comparison for my thoughts I call “Cities Skylines”. This game has received a variety of DLC. And each of the DLC complements the game meaningful.

I want more CE. CE is without alternative for me.

PS: What I want most is a big “basebuilder” pack. Many new module types. Not just cosmetically. Of course, the components would have to be compatible with the previous DLC.

I enjoy every implementation of new mechanics that make the game more complex.

Best regards from Germany


I love your idea, and would love to see something like that.

I just have to wonder how they would go about implementing new building types (unless it was free) to players, and them still exist in the same server as another player without them.
I suppose they already have that with just the reskins of everything for dlc, but I wonder if it will create a bug or issue.

Great idea though! I could be way out of line, and if so, ignore me! Lol!

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The reason DLC’s have been only cosmetic (or 99% cosmetic) is Funcom has stated they do not want this to end up being a pay to win game. Having different areas with different drop rates and possibly gear that can sway pve-c and pvp servers would be a type of pay to win. so they will continue to expand certain aspects, dungeons, balance, the such as free, so everyone can utilize as they see fit.

I’d love to have a cosmetic DLC building kit for T1 and T2 materials. Log cabins would make all the sense in the Highlands and the North, and these could be implemented as a reskin for insulated wood.


currently every player can use dlc items but only if you own the dlc you can craft the items. so if I craft a dlc armor I can give the pieces to all my clanmates, also the clanmates without the dlc. same with the placeables from the dlcs and I think it will be the same with new building blocks (don’t expect such a dlc)

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It is already pay to win.

Example: If you want to do PvP in the North/Snow area, you had to get Shendelzare to get the flawless (epic) shaman STR armor. With the Khitan DLC you can make a cold resist medium STR armor with any T4 armorer.

I know this, however they are almost entirely skins. This new idea is basically the opposite of that. Which is why I said it is similar, but not quite.

i agree, that is why i said almost. but in reality, with hard work, you can find her, so you have a chance to at least balance it. What the OP talking about is straight up access to an area that would be a safe zone i would not be able to get to the counter raid. And i have all the DLC’s, i like building in different looks :wink:

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It would make sense as completly new maps on an exclusive server

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I could support that, as one could not log in without the DLC.

I already have specific suggestions. I have already written down here.


New parts for the construction menu

These parts are missing in my opinion:

  • Ramp Quarter inverted
  • Ramp Tringle
  • Ramp Triangle inverted
  • stairway Quarter inverted
  • stairway Triangle
  • stairway Triangle inverted
  • Walls ; both sides inside (all types)
  • Walls ; both sides outside (all types)

I wish these parts:

  • Triangle parts with basic shape of the quarter (+ walls, floors, ceilings and roof) will probably never come.
  • Gates in 2x2 format
  • window parts
  • half-high walls (like at Ark)
  • half-rising roofs (as in Ark)
  • half-height stairs

You could also say, I wish for more opportunities.

But it is important that the DLC are compatible. The parts would then have to fit for DLC.

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I understand you.
But I want to continue playing CE. With us in Germany, CE is free from April. (Playstation Plus) That said, Funcom earns little money on Playstation. In my opinion there is hardly any content left.

I do not want that. I want to give Funcom money for content. But only Cosmetic DLC will not motivate me forever.


That’s a great idea.

I have not said the cosmetic DLC bad. For example, I would buy the DLC immediately.

Yay to more kits for more T1 and T2 kits.


That’s a great idea. I would like to see the original DLC’s revisited at the same time. They could all benefit from T1 and T2 building materials. I wouldn’t complain if these items were rolled into a separate group building material DLC.


Completely agree with that.
While there are some mods doing this, ever there, most are more focused on T3 than lower ones. I would love see some variety, especially like you said, for the north, but also the other areas of course.

I would ever love a more precarity tier, for shelters, travelers, made out of branches, tatch or else.Stuff that maybe would decay after 1-2 days without a serious repair or rebuild. But that’s an other story.


the new idea is not new because it is already like this. the dlc building pieces are not only skins.

I mean they kind of are. The armors are all mainly iron armor with stats, the weapons are not too exciting aside from appearance and some different attack styles (also appearance), and the building pieces are all just different in appearance. None of them make you better than someone without the dlc. The new proposed idea in this topic is not that, but rather it is a base specific dlc for making builders thrive over fighters.

I agree Kapoteeni. I feel that the game is becoming ‘top-heavy’, and we really need more T1 and T2 building materials. All that T1 has at the moment is Sandstone. If we want to entice new players to continue playing the game, we need to give them more choices and variety. I like your idea of a log cabin, or some kind of crude wood cabin/building pieces period. I personally advocated some time ago that we should add in either mud or clay nodes, and make Mudbrick another T1 building option. If we placed a number of nodes along the Newbie river, where it first meets the Jungle, it would still be reachable for new players. Say around here for example:


Instead of a node, why not make the mud brick a recipe using readily available resources? Now, I’m a bit rusty on cooking mud bricks so this is only a rough suggestion. How about stone and plant fibers in the furnace? This would be similar to the build out for regular bricks used in T2 buildings, but would not need the shaped wood, or iron spikes. As with a normal T1 build regular wood would still be needed though.

I understand that this should not go into a pay to win direction, however I see an option in paid DLCs to mobilise financial reserves for more game mechanics to make their way into the game. (Siege weapons please…)

Otherwise something like Conan Exiles 2 would be the next possibility to get what we all yearn for :confused:

So let’s not turn down the idea for ethical generalisms. I don’t want to be stuck with the current development, because it would be pay to win otherwise. And hands down, you can’t expect things to come for free. A bigger CE DLC would be the easiest way for funcom to get a rewarding project done which benefits the company structure and gives room for better and more efficient work on their projects.

Ps.: Since T3 is so cheap already what about a new top tier, sth that requires huge amounts of resources and projects against explosives too