The Imperial East DLC Review/Feedback

First post, I’ve been playing CE literally since day one of Early Access.

I was really excited when I saw the cosmetic DLC announcement, that sort of thing is, in my opinion, the best way of providing DLC. Optional, cosmetic only items, no pay to win.

I think Funcom delivered.

I was going to write up detailed critiques of each element of the DLC (weapons, armour, warpaint, placeables and building pieces) but when I started to do so it basically boiled down to “I really loved it, give me more”.

Everything is really beautiful, especially the building pieces, and I love that we got some more art objects to scatter around the inside of our bases. The armour is all gorgeous, and good enough to wear most of the time when not PVPing or raiding a dungeon.

The only issues I have are:

-The weapons are too underpowered to really be worth using, even as a PVE builder. I want to kill things as fast as possible to get back to harvesting. They don’t have to be flawless quality but they seem to be worse even than the regular tiers.
-No Khitan style bed, seems a bit of an odd thing to include
-Can’t place many objects on the Khitan table, no notes or papyrus scrolls.

So all in all I’m really happy with the DLC, and I’m looking forward to future DLC packs. But I hope there is a decent amount of time between them because I’m going to need a lot of time to harvest all the stuff I need for a big Khitan style base.

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I am fairly new to the game and i really like it so far so i decided to buy the DLC without looking too much into it since they said it will be cosmetic only.

I didn’t really buy the DLC because of the building parts and placeables altho they look great, it was mainly for the weapons and armor that looked really nice.
But i do feel kinda scammed after buying the dlc since i’m pretty much never gonna make the weapons or the armor.
The weapons are not on par with similar weapons and the armor takes GOLD, that’s insane to me.

I don’t really understand the reasoning behind this weird situation or if Funcom has done stuff like this before?
All this has done is made me annoyed and unwilling to contribute in future DLC’s.

Oh, I knew there was a complaint I forgot, the gold cost for the armour is a little steep. But if you farm the mobs at Sepermeru or Black Galleon you should get some gold drops fairly quickly.

Thats all fine and dandy but it’s just not worth making the armor alltogether when there is better armor for a cheaper prize, wich is a shame.

Sure there is, it looks nice, that’s the point of cosmetic DLC. It’s an option for people who like looking different. I mean against 90% of foes in this game I’m dodging most of their hits anyway, I don’t need to be running around in Silent Legion armour.

The place to get Gold is the Volcano. Mine the obsidian nodes and you will get an occasional drop that you can use the furnace to turn into bars, and then into coins (Be careful though, if you leave it alone the coins will be smelted back to bars at a loss) and the use the grinder on coins for dust.

Now, this is higher level stuff, so not so great for newer players, but if you are a bit experienced, once you get some cold armor and/or spiced meat you can get to the pilgrims path north of Asgard and mine some of the nodes out there, or enter the volcano and mine inside.

If your server is mature, there may be a Map Room near the volcano obelisk already, in which case it is very easy to get once you visit the obelisk.

I ended up equipping a dozen of my thralls in the heavy armor. Not as good as silent legion, but looks very nice and relatively easy to make.

You can grind the gold bars for 10 dust each instead of bothering with making the bars into coins.

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