About that "Imperial East" content



I really like the aesthetics of it. However, I’m wondering why certain architectural pieces weren’t included with the dlc. The biggest omission is a railing for terraces and balconies. A samurai type katana would have been really cool and even a samurai type armor. What’s the point in having a Shogun’s house if you can’t dress like a Shogun? Minor things, to be sure, but it would be nice to have just a couple of more options with that dlc.


Think of Khitan as more China and less Japan.


Indeed, Khitai is more or less the Hyborian China. I’m not sure but Lemuria may be more in line with Japan? :woman_shrugging: Though it’s hard to say as some sources state the ancient Lemurians became Hyrakanians. I’m not sure if Hyboria ever had a Japanese-esque culture?