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Dear Funcom

I like see you guys put mods on consoles. There so many mods that people would love to have on their consoles. I watch a lot of wak videos about these mods and asking their authors about questions about their mods. Too me you should ask authors if could use their mods on consoles. Their very nice people and I bet they won’t care or if not ask if you can put it as a DLC. Whatever the case may be you need to try to put mods on consoles. I know that would say to get a a PC but a lot people can’t afford a PC so that’s why a lot people want mods on consoles. You should watch wak latest video on top 5 things, I think Funcom should do/add to Conan Exiles. Please I’m not trying to be rude you guys, I love your game and I hope keep improving the game but we need more changes.

Thanks for putting in your time and effort into this game.

P.S, also if you could make the DLC weapons little bit more powerful so can run around with, but don’t make OP just make the weapons little better. I know that run around with better weapons but I like use my Argos weapons and yes I know I can but there not as good as other weapons. Also one another thing if you guys could open on the map the east side of the volcano and the east barrier where you could build on those islands. Thanks for your time


The Company that makes the game, IE Funcom is not what is keeping mods from consoles.
It’s the Company that makes the Consoles that prevent modding.

I’m sorry but until Sony (play station) or Microsoft (x-box) allow modding games, your only option is PC.

Not sure if you’re aware but at lvl 60 it’s possible to make star metal versions of the DLC weapons, unfortunately there’s nothing to bridge the gap between the iron and s metal other than exceptional or flawless (and various upgrades).

Yeah as a ps4 player there is a bunch I would love to have. Im sure there must be a good reason for this, but I just do not know what it is, or if there is a way to make it happen.

We do have mods on sone games already droch-aon. The most notable examples which cime to mind are Skyrim and Fallout 4, but also Farming Simulator 17.

There is a whole lot I do not undaerstand about this isssue. Can anyone tell me why mods likely wont (or cant) come to consoles for Conan Exiles? I would like to have a better understanding of this issue.

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My point was that it is up to the console manufacturer and the willingness of modders to create content
Not in the purview of the makers of the game itself.

My understanding of it is that consoles are a limiting platform. They have a specific CPU, RAM, GPU, speed, etc. and the games are coded to fit into that specific performance range, leaving little room for enhancement. Whereas with PC, the performance is limited only by what hardware you can afford to buy for your gaming rig.


Yes also to mention Sony is tight and will only allow mods that use in game assets thus ps4 is almost no mods

On Xbox Microsoft is laidback and lots to due but there is a hard limit on space available for mods per game thus so depending on limit size wouldn’t fit

Also in order to die that funcom would have to set up a place for mods to be posted on pc to console thus have to set up a lot and could take months for them to focus on it and leave others behind thus it’s a no right now but there are other signs here dot there they have to do this is time counsuming but I would also like it as well but we wait and see

That part of the map is actually in use already. It’s where some of the dungeons are (those you enter with a loading screen, they teleport you to to the dungeon), so it can’t be opened for above-ground expansion.

The Epic DLC weapons are on par with star metal weapons. They’re weaker (but lighter-weight) than dragonbone weapons, and weaker than legendaries, but that’s how they should be. I equip my thralls with Epic DLC weapons until they deserve a legendary (usually by helping me kill a boss and finding a suitable weapon in the treasure box).

Peoples please bear in mind upon readind my replies that I am not here to argue that consoles should have mods (that is not my objective). But rather I am merely trying to gain a better understanding of why we currently do not.

Of course Droch. But on the manufacturers end at least, they already have for the Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Farming Simulator 17. The later of which would harly be a big selling blockbuster.

So would Conan Exiles already fall outside of this domain bbtech? I know that Skyrim/Fallout did not recieve mod support until well after their release dates. Were they perhaps built with compatibility in mind in the first place?

Aye. I am not here to argue that consoles should have mods in this instance, I am only attempting to gain a greater understanding of why we currently do not. However, I understand the point you made regarding setting up a place to post them, and that mod authors would have to create console adaptations.

It’s possible, but I honestly don’t know enough about it to give an informed answer without doing a lot of internet research.

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Aye, myself either bbtech. But I appreciate you sharing that which you already knew, it was very insightful.

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