Building skins, loyalty to the Conan world

Just a question
How does the current DLC skin and the future Roman skin pass the Conan world? I do not think so
But why does it fit:

Jungle building set

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We need this jungle building set on XBOX @Tascha

Wait, is that a mod? uh… that looks good!

yeah, they should make something that fits better in the biomes. Like that mod :smiley:

the odds are pretty small that we will see this on console… the only thing i can think of is to collectively keep bothering funcom until they make a deal with the mod creator, maybe pay him like 500 bucks and give him free dlcs? w/ extra copy of the game? should be doable for a company like funcom

Funcom just needs a sponsored mod program to get things rolling for all the platforms :slight_smile:

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that is actually not a bad idea, imean im on xbox and even I have seen some great mods for pc here and there… Rounded stairs, windows, building sets etc.

most of the mod builders are artists or developers themselves anyway, the step for a company to cooporate with the community is never a bad one. Could be a first, but its definetly one in the right direction in the current industry!

maybe tag some funcom employees that can ask management? @Jens_Erik

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Nice job!
It can got to consoles if they sees potential on it adding it to the base game or sponsoring it.

Sponsored mod program for Conan Exiles @Tascha

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this could actually enable them to get patches out much much quicker if you think about it. Conan exiles does actually have quite an supportive community that wants to help. Why not make use of it?