Just a. bunch of good opinions

I’m playing Conan on ps4 and somethings I liked having on the PC version was some of the mods that added some cool extras but if they could implement the things in the mods to the game. So you can have them on all systems…
Age of calamitous mod
Which gave these items
Flags rugs drapes curtains items with the same symbol for different factions to put up for showing ownership of places in game. Which came with each faction building stuff and equipment.
The lore of Conan had wizards and sorcerers and had magic we need this .
And we need away to set up box camps and cities thru admin to have spawners like pippi did for pc so you could get npcs to walk the map and when someone killed them they would redrawn and go again and where you could set has many you want. And add orcs to the and skeletons and other creatures ghost people. kinda like age of calamitous did if they ain’t actually from the period or from the Conan universe maybe just as admin items to set in.
Puppies admin controls where you could change stats names levels of all characters or players in game to keep from having to restart to change certain things would be alone and pippi added where you could set safezones and what’s in side can be set opposite of the rest the map for allowing some pve areas when the whole map is PvP helps admins set npc towns
Cross platform the game so all players from all systems can play together…
Add a more indepth ranking system and currency system in came where players pick up money it goes in a bank that counts it and you can use it at a merchant store to buy.
Also add roles s o when you run each clan chrcters can be shown as their role.
Make the npc that craft know there job and make it where they will have a set home place where their owner player sets it and they will walk from there bed to the station they work at to work and look realistic without have to carry them in a pouch.
Make npc walk premises like patrol guards not just stand around.
More things we admins can use to make more interesting servers especially when theres no mods to consoles for this yet…
But absolutely love this game my favorite…and addictive

Cross network you mean, cross platform means windows/linux/mac/consoles.
Both pippi and AoC have very nice content but give it to exploiters and servers are going to go down like flies with a flies swatter. Crashing, lagging, etc.
Give them time to optimize the game and get back 100 people servers instead of the 40 we have now.
And sony would never allow for mods on playstation. It’s not funcom fault. While micro$oft would if they where allowed to bank on it. Like for minecraft xbox, where you pay for skins and such, and soon for mods/datapacks too.
But beware this is just my opinion.

I haven’t actually used the AoC mod so I can’t say for certain whether its style of magic or whatever would fit with Conan’s lore, but I can say with a fair degree of certainty that the chances of orcs being added to the game are between zero and…zero percent.

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