Player Survey - 10 Quick Questions

If like to get some feedback from the Conan community. If you would take a few minutes to answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated. This feedback is

  1. What XP Modifier do you prefer if any?
  2. What more important to you, Building, Dungeons, Storyline?
  3. What draws you to Conan
  4. Have you played the AoC mod storyline?
  5. Have you played the EEWA mod storyline?
  6. Whats the #1 that draws you to modded servers?
  7. If you had your choice what would the end game experience be like?
  8. Are active admins helpful or annoying?
  9. List your favorite mods.
  10. List mods you absolutely hate.

Thank you for your feedback

  1. 1x baby.
  2. Building, but without dungeons and storyline, it starts to get stale.
  3. Conan as lore.
  4. No mods here. PS4. I don’t do mods on pc anyway.
  5. See 4.
  6. See 4.
  7. Being able to end the game without pulling your bracelet so you could stay in the world and still see the final act.
  8. As an active admin, they are Crom’s gift to Conan.
  9. None. See 4.
  10. None. See 4.

As an aside, one of the things that does get my goat about mods is that they seem to be a reason to not do certain things in the base game for me to purchase. “There’s a mod for that” is a very irritating response to get when I’m sitting here with my wallet and looking to make a purchase.

  1. Official server player, so 1x
  2. Building, but the dungeons and the storyline are certainly a draw
  3. Came across this game through one of the original artist’s deviantart page, so 100% the graphics and style. Since then, I’ve read the books, some of the Age of Conan stuff Marvel put out in 2019, and re-watched the movie which s I barely remembered and sort of fell in love with this universe.
  4. Unfortunately, having been on official servers for 1,500 hours of playtime and played 0 hours of modded time. Maybe its time to check out if there are story driven mods. Never even considered that as an option.
  5. See 4
  6. See 4
  7. Include more story driven content, like an optional storyline that brings in the the God that you picked at the beginning and some sort of conflict to give the Religion component more weight.
  8. See 1
  9. See 4
  10. See 4
  1. 1x, if I had it my way the current server I admin on would have 1x, but I think my players and fellow admins would riot.
  2. Building with Dungeons very close second.
  3. Hyborian Age has some very interesting insights into the real world. This thread and probably these forums are likely not great for explaining this further. There’s an underlying philosphy in REH’s writings. But for the sake of argument, lets just say the themes make for some really good RP and aestetic.
  4. I have used the AoC mod, and currently used it. Not sure what you mean by storyline here.
  5. I’ve not used EEWA before.
  6. Pippi! The base game has its appeal but I do like the customization options mods give. So Vanity is the proper answer.
  7. I would like to see more group focused stuff. More fights like Thag at the end of dungeons.
  8. Both. Sometimes active admins railroad the pace and theme of the server. Sometimes they add spice. Its hard to get the right balance.
  9. Pippi is probably the greatest mod in CE. And that’s even before my own. Hosav’s UI is pretty damn up there as well.
  10. Any mod that adds reward and no risk. Anything that makes you OP for the sake of it. As well as mods that give attribute points or increase level caps (AOC not included since it adds 60+ content). I see many servers running level 300 caps just so they can max out their attributes. That’s not fun or engaging. The point of having limitations is so players work together. That inhibits that. Every server with 300 caps has small clans or loads of solo hobos.
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  1. I generally don’t, but if I did I’d probably use .5x or even .25x because seriously, I’ve gotten to iron tier in like ten minutes without even meaning to on several occasions. I don’t like things to be too brutal, but even I feel like that’s way too easy.
  2. I do like exploring dungeons and digging up bits of lore, but I’m mostly in it for designing and outfitting my digital action figures and building nice houses for them to live in. Also exploring but I’ve been playing this map for like two years now so not much left to explore at this point.
  3. The '82 film was one of those formative movies I saw as a kid so the property has always had a place in my heart. Plus I just really like the setting and pulpy feel.
  4. I checked out the AoC mod for like ten minutes before deciding it wasn’t for me, so no.
  5. Nope.
  6. The main things I look for on a modded server are increased character customization, armors, and ways to change my exile’s appearance so I’m not locked into one look.
  7. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I haven’t played on enough servers with active admins to really say but I imagine it would depend greatly on the admin.
  9. I have a lot I really like but the main ones are probably Emberlight, RA, Immersive Armor, Barbarian Barber, Akuba’s Salon, Exile Architect, Fashionist, and Stygian Building Kit.
  10. I’ve seen plenty of hilariously amateurish mods (including that Klingon weapon mod that was so badly made it crashed my game), but I wouldn’t say there’s any that I feel strongly enough about to hate. I do have a rule of not playing on servers running AoC, but that’s just because I don’t like the way it kludges a bunch of generic high fantasy elements into the Conan setting.
  1. 1.0
  2. The PVP and raiding
  3. The PVP and raiding
  4. Yes
  5. No
  6. The fancy gear
  7. One that requires an active base defense.
  8. Admins are always good if they don’t play on the server, usually bad if they do.
  9. AOC and ELI
  10. I have no hate in my heart for anything or anyone.
  1. 1.0
  2. Building, but it stopped being enough. Needs more social interaction.
  3. Gives me an outlet for creativity in Conan’s universe.
  4. No, I don’t want to change which fictional universe I’m playing in.
  5. See 4.
  6. I tend to stay away from modded servers, unless it’s just QoL stuff like Pickup+ and Pippi.
  7. Clan wars. Not the all-or-nothing experience of PVP servers, but rather some kind of control for influence, kinda like what Amazon’s New World does.
  8. Helpful, as long as the rules are clear.
  9. Pippi and Pickup+.
  10. AoC and anything like it.
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No XP modifier
Building (can supply my own story line and dungeon)
Single play option in Sandbox
No AoC
Do not feel drawn to modded servers
I like endgame as it is.
N/A on the admins

What are you using this feedback for?

If I start seeing targeted ads for private servers that don’t run Age of Calamitous on my Facebook feed I’m going to be very…well not upset, more confused really.

  1. 1x
  2. Story, but the other two are also pretty damned important.
  3. Conan and the lore of Robert E. Howard.
  4. Age of Conan? Played it for 8 years…oh the mod…hate it.
  5. Not a fan of that mod either.
  6. Pippi, Fashionist.
  7. Having fun with friends.
  8. Depends on the admins. More often than not helpful.
  9. Answer 6 already listed my top two.
  10. Question 4 is one of them.


Just a guess, but I think they might be looking for improved traffic on their private server.

Trying to gauge interest in server with no multipliers.

  1. I don’t care, leveling is easy at any speed.

  2. none of those.

  3. I’m a fan of R.E. Howards Conan, and this game is close to the way I modded Skyrim.

  4. No

  5. No

  6. Small unobtrusive mods that add a few things that should have been included in the base game.

  7. Better protection from off line raiders.

  8. Yes

  9. a. #1. Best addition ever, WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain
    I despise the slave system, but you should at least see the actual thrall that is on the wheel.
    And you can have the empty wheel stop, so no incessant moaning

    b. CharEditLite Lets you customize your thralls even those on the benches and your character. This should have been in the game from day one.

    c. Fashionist Fixes the problem with inappropriate looking Armour for the area. Wear one armor look like another. Next best thing to letting us choose the temperature preference with the padding instead of the armor itself.

  10. The Age of Calamitous
    Words can not describe how much I hate this Mod.
    It changes everything and alters the database so much that removal requires starting a new game.


I have a few words but I’d rather not post them :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. None leveling is way to fast already.
  2. Building, Exploration, Dungeons/Quests.
  3. See #2
  4. Yes I have and its great, brings so much more to the game.
  5. Never heard of it…but will search it out now.
  6. Level cap raised makes game so much more enjoyable, plus all the extras building mods are awesome.
  7. You reach the end pick your faction and start over with buffs from faction.
  8. Helpful
  9. AoC, Less building restrictions, Increase item stack, Better thralls, Thrall side kick. Improved quality of life…etc.
  10. I hate the /warp and /Home command its not a survival game with these commands.

I think it would be really fun if Conan had their own official modded severs for people to play.

Thanks. This matters to me because now I know that my participation in this survey would give you false data because there’s no question of “Are you interested in multiplayer in the first place?” Stating your reasons in the opening post would probably help others better decide whether their answers are relevant to you to begin with.

  • What XP Modifier do you prefer if any?
  • What more important to you, Building, Dungeons, Storyline?
    Building and dungeons
  • What draws you to Conan
    The setting: Sword & Sorcery, and the hyborian age
  • Have you played the AoC mod storyline?
    Age of conan? yes, Age of calamitous? hell no
  • Have you played the EEWA mod storyline?
  • Whats the #1 that draws you to modded servers?
    Character customization and immersion
  • If you had your choice what would the end game experience be like?
    Huge purges
  • Are active admins helpful or annoying?
  • List your favorite mods.
    Emberlight, Fashionist and nortern timber
  • List mods you absolutely hate
    Age of Calamitous

Just for clarity, I play on both PS4 and PC as well as run a small, private PC server.

  1. Usually the standard one or only slightly boosted.
  2. It is a tie between building (I like to get stupid overboard with deco) and storyline.
  3. Initally, because it was Conan but in all fairness, it was the sheer breadth of things to do. There are the small details in crafting, the ability to adjust attributes and try different pieces of armor and weapons to customize. Home/base building. Then there is the actual game itself lol.
  4. No, I have been unable to get it to work and have not revisited it to try again (updates have occurred since my last attempt).
  5. I have not tried this mod nor played it.
  6. Not simply the mods being there, but how the admin team use them. There is a plethora of things one can accomplish with the mods available so if you’re just using them to make your admin base the coolest ever or building orgy rooms (you know who you are) I’ll pass.
  7. I really don’t have a comment on this as I’ve never even tried to reach the end of the game lol.
  8. Extremely helpful and preferred, unless we’re talking ones that play favorites.
  9. For Admin - Pippi, hands down For Player - Anything that adds deco AND features, i.e, Emberlight flower pots or Seed Table v2.0.
  10. I can’t really say I’ve encountered one I hate but I have mixed feelings towards Sexiles despite having it on my server lol.
  1. Doesnt matter
  2. Building/pvp
  3. PvP/Aesthetics
  4. no
  5. no
  6. Free from undermesh/old playerlist
  7. lots of pvp
  8. on forums helpful, in servers mostly annoying
  9. pippy
  10. sexiles