What we as a forum love about Conan

So for a fun post I decided to do a “survey” of what you love most about the game. The thing that draws you back even when you get frustrated or you just look forward to when you log in. Been a while since we had something open and not a debate. It is not about what is the best, but what each likes about the game.

  • PvP combat
  • PvE combat (NpCs)
  • Boss fights
  • Farming
  • Building
  • Finding incredible scenic views
  • Raiding with bombs
  • Raiding with Gods
  • Collecting Thralls
  • Socializing with friends online
  • Defending against raids
  • Starting over from scratch and leveling back up
  • Going to war on raid servers
  • Helping new players on a server
  • trying different mods out
  • Collecting greater pets
  • Single player on hardest settings

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Any chance you could change it to be multiple-choice? I’m fine with single-choice “what is best in life” poll, but multiple-choice would free me from having to pick the one I like above all the rest :slight_smile:


No option for straight PVE ??


I can’t really place a vote on this one - several options apply, plus several that aren’t on the list… Just off the top of my head, I’d say for me it’s a mix of the scenery, building, overall game experience (as opposed to various specific issues), trying different mods, single player (not on hardest settings :wink: ). But also things like youtube videos with other people having fun and maybe doing things I haven’t thought of. I particularly enjoy that early stage of the game when everything is fresh and it’s a world of possibilities - what and where will I build this time, which interesting thralls will I find (as opposed to the late game thrall grind where I sometimes get bored of looking for the last couple of specific t4 crafters I need…).

Either way, I love the positivity of the poll :slight_smile:


I actually like farming and a mix: fighting greater animals.


Starting over from scratch an levelling back up for me. Each time I reach lvl 60 I got bored pretty fast once I’ve done once each dungeon, learned all the recipe that could be learned in game, and built a nice T3 base. And amongst all those things to do, farming resources to build the base is what I like the most.


I broke down most of the stuff more singularly on purpose. It is okay to like multiple, but deep down what part of pve. Combat, farming, bosses, collecting thralls, building. I know I like multiple things myself, but I chose socializing with friends, because that is what you end up doing 90% of the time on pvp raid servers waiting for an attack every day.


Where is your option for Roll-play? That’s a pretty significant segment of the player-base.


Yeah, it is hard to pick one thing. And it’s okay to not vote and list things you like. This forum needs a thread for fun, without critiquing th OP of it. Just join in with a vote, or like you, a positive way to say it’s too hard to pick just one :slight_smile:


Singleplayer on hardest settings of course! :wink: Although there were a few others which Iwould have also selected if I could. But as other members have said, love the positivity of a new poll.


Polls are my favorite.



I picked “building” because I had to pick one and that’s the one I do the most :slight_smile:

But if I could pick multiple, I would add “starting over from scratch and leveling back up” to my choices.

Another thing that I like a lot is exploring the map and collecting knowledge about the game, e.g. where to find this, how to optimize that, etc.


I picked building but I do enjoy thrall hunting. It was hard to pick but I guess I log in to build most times where thrall hunting is an activity.


Imo, gaming is roleplaying. The question would be what part do you like to role play from the choices listed.


And here we go…get 9n thread and not enjoy it but complain. Don’t post if you don’t have an option. Can we, and I ask this seriously, not always go all negative. I am trying really hard to be positive. I won’t flag, because I guess some people role-playing the dbag.

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And I won’t flag. I want them to vent. Because something deep down needs to be worked on. Something that says, how can I take a positive fun conversation (thread) interject myself and ruin it for others so they feel miserable as myself. I am here. vent, let it all out. Maybe, just maybe we as aforum can help you work through those deep seeded issues that cause this attitude.


And everything I listed is for role players. They roles. You like to play. roles. play. role-playing. Get it.

Gotta catch em. Catch em all.


Yes multiple choices


I wanna know who picked farming… I have some real life weeds that need pulled.