EDIT: What do you love and hate the most about Conan Exiles?

What I love the most is the combat and the building. What I hate the most is when I’m fighting a boss and my thrall stands around and watches me die.


Typically not something I care about but I feel for a survival sandbox game it has such a fantastic environment and a crisp field of view when looking far off in the distance. I think the games building system is very well done but I relocate too often to build anything major just because I like the scenery of the different biomes. Raining in the northern highlands is probably my favorite.

Although minor, it bothers me that just about every weapon short of some daggers clips through the characters hands at varying angles. Some being really bad and some barely noticeable.

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I care very little about the Conan IP although I did enjoy the movies.
What brought me to this game was the building, exploring a sandbox, and the availability of Solo play.


Talking about just the game, my favorite aspect is probably the building and exploring, and my least favorite is the fact that outside of new dungeons I ran out of places to explore over a year ago.

About the Conan property in general, I probably most enjoy the fun, pulpy low fantasy setting while my least favorite part is definitely the 1930s racism that tends to crop up in the stories. (Though admittedly Howard was nowhere near as bad about this as his buddy Lovecraft.)


I meant to say what do you like and hate the most in Conan Exiles.

Building. That’s what I love the most, hands down. There are many other aspects I like or even love, but the one I love the most is building.

I do not have enough words to describe just how beautiful it can be to see what other players have built in Conan Exiles. From a limited number of pieces, there can emerge a breathtaking act of creation that makes me stand there, gaze in admiration and wish I could see that in real life. And there’s also the undeniable pride when you build something cool and other people like it.

What do I hate the most? The grind. I’m not talking about having to farm the resources and put an effort into that. Hell, even when the stone stacked only to 100, that wasn’t the part that bothered me. The farming is the necessary effort that makes building feel like an achievement.

When I say the grind, I’m referring to the immense importance of the RNG. Want an awesome thrall? Instead of having to overcome a challenge of combat or wits, instead of completing an arduous and difficult quest, you have to keep mindlessly killing all the NPCs in a particular camp for an undetermined period of time, until the RNG finally blesses you. Want the cool new legendary from the Unnamed City? Same story.

These RNG-related mechanics in Conan Exiles are boring and repetitive. Ask any game designer out there what they think about that – without naming the game or the developers, just describe the mechanics – and they’ll tell you it’s lazy game design. They’ll also tell you why that happens: not enough resources :wink:


The mechanics of this game allow for creativity and that is one of the things I love. Sometimes I feel bored, but that’s when I come up with new ways to do things that makes it interesting again.

I didn’t notice the negative. The think that I dislike most about this game is that the game feels upside-down as it is more challenging at the beginning of the game and less challenging at the end of the game.


Apologies for this question, but did you take that out of its context by accident or on purpose? I specifically described the mechanics I was referring to in the previous paragraph :wink:

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The RNG mechanic? I am not fond of that feature at all as it has never, in any game, been kind to me. (It’s even less kind when one plays Solo/Co-op as there are fewer players to turn the odds.) Since it was a separate paragraph, I believed you were speaking of mechanics in general.


Oh, okay. I was referring to the grind – I just hate when a paragraph is too long :wink: Let me edit that so it doesn’t confuse anyone again.


Love: Building (feels like I don’t even need to type that because it’s so bloody obvious). I’ve done a lot of back end work with the building system, and it’s very, very good (despite it’s gameplay quirks).

Dislike: Probably in the same boat as everybody else in that I would like to see the AI take a step or two forward in improvement. Anything else I dislike or wish to see I will simply fix it myself through making a mod or adding a mod, if I haven’t already done so.


I love the game it was in the beginning, it was working pretty good.
I hate every single update

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Can I be greedy and list two of each?

Loves: 1) the environmental diversity offered by each of the games biomes. 2) the games religion system.

Dislikes: 1) second biggest dislike is bugs, as Im sure they are for most. 2) biggest dislike is the lack of features for Crom. He should have some, even if they are of detriment to the player.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


I loved the artistic side of this game: the creativity of the environments, the building feature, the biomes and (in general)
the world/lore they created.

I hated the technical side of the game: bugs, glitches, non existent A.I, redundant mechanics and
(in general) bad feedback from pure gameplay. Thralls are all mannequins, and the palaces you create are basically zoos of statues that doesn’t work in a proper (or living) way.

It works better as a sort of “barbaric minecraft” than the other purpouses it aims to catch


I love the game. I could write several pages of all the things about the game I love.

I hate the players that play it at the expense of everyone else.
I hate the fact that it’s usual for unofficial servers to wipe/reset an average of every 3-4 months.
I hate the fact that your base is gone if you go on a week-long vacation/deployment abroad and your ping is higher than 140.


Love: Expansive building potential alongside a good biome diversity with lots of things to discover.

Hate: The AI, and some balance decisions.


Love: Like almost everyone else, the building experience… Something I didn’t even know I needed in my life so bad :blush: The counterpart to this is the amazing environment in which to build and live

Hate: Nothing, this game is exceptional… Most frustrating though…? The poor Thrall AI and lack of settlement RP focused Thrall mechanics, which IMO is a big deal given that base building is the best part of the game


Love the map, artstyle, setting and character model quality.

Hate the bad AI, boring mechanics of many humans, animals and bosses. Makes boring and repetative fights.


I love the world, the lore, and building. The game overall. I might fall off of the forum when RL gets too hectic, but my gameplay doesn’t suffer. The Mrs. knows the xbox travels with us if we’re going for more than 6 days. Yes, even on romantic vacations.

Not too fond of taking a thrall into a fight with me and seeing him/ her acting as a cheerleader instead of a participant. I wish the decay system was different, but I do understand that the servers need to be managed.


Love: Minidungeons
Hate: Eventlog and Playerlist :face_vomiting:

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