When it was being described how Conan Exiles was going to be, this is what I was envisioning

When it was being described how Conan Exiles was going to be This is what I was envisioning with other features like mounts, sorcery, thrall workers and huge siege warfare against great buildings. We got some things and lost others along the way.

When it was first announced that there was going to be a Conan survival game, how it was being described and how it was going to be was different than what we got.

These pics are sort of what I was expecting of the Conan Universe as a survival game! I know its a different game but the visuals, gameplay or the feeling I believed from the beginning were going to be similar to what’s pictured.

The camels, the mounts, the scenery, the weapons on back like RDR2 and Creed

Boats and swarming crocs and treasure to be found if you explore…

Your thralls and workers building, gathering, transporting, etc.

Fighter and archer thralls next to the player in a siege from the water even!

These pics look like adventure which Conan doesn’t really have. I mean it has some adventure, but I thought it was going to be revolutionary in terms of what a game could be. Not just a survival game but not an mmo, more of an adventure with cool and different Pvp or sieging mechanics. Random spawns and random loot where you might save someone or participate in a quick event of some sort. I feel like you got the building pretty close, but I guess it is what it is…


You forgot to add the mighty power of the gods. Massive avatars summoned to crush your enemies or to defend from other gods! (Remember when there was the video of Mitra punching Set I think it was?)

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I was trying to remember my 1st impressions… I lurked forums for way to long before joining. Watching few of early streams, and stayed up for midnight show, and abunch of community staff popped on.

I’m not big into survival as a whole, i’ve always wanted it…but each game that added it, or tried it, had it a micro manage hell hole, that turned me off.
I’m thankful for Admin/Settings. 0.7 food/water drain isnt to shabby.

Overall, I got decent size map to explore, (thankful for Jungle and Winter lands added on. ) (thou wish NE got filled in with some mountains/valleys and ledges. )

Most of caves were lack luster. small tunnels over and over. 9thou 1st one I found was Hanuman’s grotto and was blown away and neat Lore bits.
I follow river to NW, and north and most of cave were like…meh…

Staff mention they’ll add more soon. I’m happy for that. Nothing crazy like Midnight grove or Dregs, But middle sized (load screen or not) be awesome.

I personally hate 95% of armor designs in every game I play… (Dragons Dogma be exception)
They Always add to many details to armor or clothes… sometimes Simple is a god send.
Sucks I had wait for 2nd DLC, Cause that Light Scout armor is so damn good. (thou icon makes me think it was abit simpler)
I really wish we had more clothes, (as always…this girl is a pervert… so more skimpy FTW!)

Gods were pretty much what I expected, thou Derkito wasnt up day 1…bummer.
I have yet summon Mitra or Set…

Lore, How it was done was great, I’v read enough of Books, (and movies) (still working on English)
I was really really really really happy to catch little references. Kudos!!!

Combat…from early videos was meh… at release it was meh. Again thou, I’m spoiled by Dragons Dogma quick and DMC worthy style and Monster Hunter. No one is gonna top that for me I think. XD
But Conan Exiles has gotten good enough, I’m happy with it.
The 1hand sword spin drives me nuts thou. And Bows pew pew into heavy makes me mad (which gets updated soon) (thou heavy changes aren’t need, Hold and release is all it needs)

Mounts, Once they said moving across map was having issues, I had Flash backs to LotrO were new mount speeds had this issue on old PC’s.

After seeing the Gar fish screen cap, (on front cover of website for awhile) i was really looking forward for this… (flash back to days of morrowind and MHtri underwater exploring…

I hope we get this… I wanna go fishing with spear in water. =(


I too wish there was more of the immersive stuff. I play on PVP official, and reality is it is a farming/tnt simulator. With Conan skins. No one melees, and the evnrioemtn actuall becmoes less aggressive during raid time. During raid time, experienced players do the meta naked bomber, place tnt ignite, pull bracelet, respawn and back in 5 minutes to repeat. Even if they get killed after placing bombs before igniting, i can’t pick up the bombs, so just have to try and catch them before the set them off when they return. And then farm and rebuild. No epic melee battles. All the cool moves and dualing improvements are wasted on farming zeal in npc camps. And that is not exactly hard to do. i can go thru with steel weapons.
There is no true Conan in PVP. Maybe PVE-C has melee, but those have so many land claim trolls, it is unplayable as well. Oh well, what might have been…


Does anyone from the staff read these as I would be very interested in some sort of official response.

The fact is that I am in the same boat as the other people here. What I thought I was getting was going to be a game where I could build up a base with a thrall army and have some epic battles with other people. In reality there really isn’t much benefit to having a base. I can set up a small hidey hole to craft all the things I need to zerg bomb other bases but even that is just to zerg bomb other bases! Anything I get from them I can easily craft!

How about some sort of “Vision for the future” for Conan Exiles? I love what is there and think it could be genuinely amazing but I also see how so many people are drifting off to other games with no real long term goal.


If I’m honest coming from the survival likes of H1Z1 and DayZ I was under the impression this game would generate money, never be finished, and then softly abandoned.

Call me an optimist (or maybe a pessimist?), but I think they surpassed my expectations.

In the beginning the building system was tight and snappy. Everything just worked better and that’s what made me buy it. Nowadays the building system is wonky, derpy, and hardly ever snaps right to where you wanted it to go! I’m still waiting for the mounts, sorcery, and thrall system they promised in early access. I am glad they surpassed some folks expectations, but they haven’t mine. I still like the game, albeit less and less each day as there are so many problems still. I have been playing going on 2 yrs now and something still draws me in, usually a patch that I hope fixes so much. To be fair, I’ve heard this game plays better on PC, all the streams signifies this.

WhatMightHaveBeen - I totally agree! Add Crash simulator and lag simulator even with as little as 2 people on the server, I cannot imagine 40 players. I’ve seen like 15- playing sometimes. I just want to open the gddmn door. I’ve played a game in the past that does a lot of what Exiles does with hundreds of players(melee, magic, siege, building) back almost 30 years ago, I don’t understand why this game can’t play a hundred times better with current gen tech.

I’ve played all aspects of this game from solo to coop to pvp. The Pvp is the most aggravating basically due to dumb pets, dumb thralls, and what you build taking minutes to tear down even with layers. There should be siege tools like the trebuchet that take time to get in and planning. Not spamming bomb pots. Give me one of those siege hammers that guy in his underwear is wielding in the purge that just knocks down walls Jesus, talk about unfair. I finally had a purge work this weekend. It’s ridiculous the damage they do to your base! Like Pacman with those pellets, they just eat up your walls!

You can’t dump oil on folks delivering a bomb unless you do it manually each time, why isn’t there a system to dump water on them which ruins the bomb and its automatic when anyone gets near your walls with a bomb. Make it as hard to build as the explosive pot and even more expensive because you have to build tons as you never know where the player will bomb. They auto fill in the rain or you have to keep water in them after they dump.

I can see building a siege tent, which would allow you to build siege weapons on site to attack walls with siege bows, hammers and the like for either attacking(to attack walls or base) or defending(to tear up all siege equipment). Something like the purge I had only slower in destroying like the time it takes to build a treb, arm the trebuchet, and fire, reload and repair the treb. This would encourage team play. It breaks immersion when a single toon can break through many layers of walls and all your vaults and take off with months of work ingame. I’ve seen this in spy vs. spy but come on Funcom!

I guess attackers/griefers keep complaining and getting their way, because I have to put arrows on my thralls now which won’t use them. Instead of if they defended they had all the arrows needed. Thralls used to be called turrets and it was nice when they threw limitless throwing axes too(when ever they actually defended), but these things needed to change to make it easier to bring down the builders and turtles I guess. Can we get an arrow pot to destribute arrows to our thralls which won’t use them but if they do… Thralls can’t even carry a fraction of the things we need to put on them. Folks cried the vaults take too long to bring down and they should(they aren’t walls), I don’t know why we make it easy for folks that are griefers. Like that single toon I mentioned, it’s retrded. I get it’s a game, but in real life wars are not won with a single person. Maybe if it were a single door, but not a huge base. Maybe when no one has a base these attackers/griefers will complain the game is now ruined(even though they helped ruin it), the defenders have said this since launch.

I am glad you haven’t abandoned the game though as well Quigleyer, but they have abandoned parts of the game they were to include. Something as simple as the crossbows for example, they couldn’t make them work!

@Haurchi Just YES! Folks are going no base these days in pvp! 2 Months of work can be destroyed in an evening and that’s dumb! Attackers wear nothing and have a bed nearby so they have nothing to loose most of the time. I’ve not seen anyone setup a treb to fight anyone, which might be cool! If you are not on to move thralls/pets and organize the chaos you loose…


Maybe to prevent the spawn spamming while raiding from bed rolls, they could make a durability to the bed rolls and beds. Bed rolls get 3 spawns, and beds get 10? Every time you use it, it will go down in durability. Can’t be repaired.
This would make it a risk reward, as all mechanics should have. And be slider defaulted to off for SP/Co-op, PVE, PVE-C. PVP official would have it turned on.

And dragon powder should have an expiration, since it is so leathal. This prevents houarding. 48 hours like the god tokens.

Also, would be nice if anything explosive in nature in a chest/vault should add to the damage of tnt’s being used. Maybe 2x more damage, as the heat from the blast would surely ignite some of the powder? Then Vaults could be moved to like 300000 HP, and make you think twice over storing powder.

And thralls should not be stored in chests/vaults. they should have to be stored only in cages.This would cause for bigger bases if you just want to stash your excess thralls. The cage would have the chests damage. Maybe tiers, start with 4 spaces and 20000HP, 8 spaces and 50000hp, and 16 spaces and 150000 hp. Make building “prison” bases a more immersive feel.

When I first saw this game in EA I was really flashed. What a game! First game in a barbaric and a heroic fantasy setting unlike the billion other games in a classic fantasy (dwarves, elves) or sci-fi style. This game seemed so promising for me, it turned me away from my beloved Skyrim. And the Devs gave us so fantastic future forecasts. I still hear the words for The Purge sounding like - a huge army of cruel barbarians will come to the lands, spreading terror and death, leaded by mighty chiefs and famous barbarians. The players have to ally to stand this thread or they will die. Then Sorcery will come to the lands you will learn to use corruption to control this might - it’s a dark horror like sorcery summoning demons or control the undead. You will have to build huge cities to dominate the lands around, conquer the lands of your enemies crush them with mighty siege weapons.
So many Systems were introduced: A Thrallsystem, Settlement System, Siegesystem, Building System, Religion System, Petsystem, Sorcery, Mounts, The purge, Modsupport. The AI was outsourced to another company.
At the beginning every Devstream they showed us new systems, new building tiles, improvements of existing systems till November 2017. Then the news - we will delay the release (It was ok because all people were looking forward for these fantastic systems to come) and in January the next step - we will cut down the content to get the release in time but we will bring the promised systems after that. (The fans were ok with that - it is better to have a stable running system without bugs which you can improve with other systems after release - the last Devstream before release seemed to proof the stability they reached)
I am playing now since EA. First only SP, after that MP official, then private server. I accepted the function as a moderator, after that as an admin for another server owner. Now I have my own server. I played without mods, now I am playing only with mods. I spent a lot of money, bought the game for me and a friend, bought all DLCs, supported modders with money, supported private admins with money, rented servers - all because of my expectations for this promising game.
I survived, I built a lot but I never really dominated. I am still searching to do. I had a lot of fun, mainly for the first 30 levels. I am still trying to build a huge city hoping for new possibilities to build. I would love to try the promised dark sorcery, I am searching for the gods unsure what their religion means to me. I explored the map. I am hoping for new content searching for new challenges. At least I have a lot to do with the management for my server trying to give something like the challenge I am still searching for to the players. That’s why I use mods - they are standing for new content, new possibilities, missing or should I say lost opportunities, new challenges - thanx to all the modders out there using their free time and their skills to improve this game further.


I Hope too they add more features, and thanks moders for they amazing job, moders always do miracles. Its shame There isnt evrything u listed i want that too

There is i big problam, AC 4 was developed by 1000 guys /at least i heard that/ funcom have 135 employes… They have little bit different possibilities,

It only takes a few to make a great game, I’ve seen it time and time again. With the drive, dedication and desire you can achieve greatness. @TwoJay I hear ya buddy! “Hear, hear”! Sometimes it just takes longer to get there, that’s what I’m hoping for! Wish we got console mods so I could check yours out.


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