What kind of Positive Feedback do you have?

So there’s thread upon thread of critiques and whatnot thrown in Funcom’s direction, but we’re still playing the game. Which says that we still like the game, even in its current state.

So what’s some of the things you like about Conan? Things that funcom did right?

I’ll start: I legitimately enjoy the building system. Sure, there’s some things I have issues with, but the buildings I make can look absolutely breathtaking even in a PVP setting. I’ve played other games like Ark: Survival Evolved, and while I was able to make some cool structures, they don’t hold a candle to what I’m able to make here.

I also really like the third person focus of the gameplay. Ark is designed from 1st person perspective, and it shows in their weird animations and how strangely everything is animated when looking at someone else. Conan was developed with the notion that being effective is just as important as looking cool when doing it. Combat animations look smooth and natural, and not just my right hand moving in weird 45° angles in the general area of the thing I’m trying to hit.


Climbing. I love the freedom to explore beyond normal gameplay limits.

Horse riding. It wasn’t something I was excited about when they first said it was going to be introduced. It turns out that it’s one of my favorite modes of travel.


I like the graphics, I’ve been an Artiest from a young age, Drawing, Painting and Sculpting.
I have even done computer generated art and 3D animated figures and cartoons.
The game looks gorgeous.

I am against censorship, so I also like the fact that the PC version isn’t censored even here in the prudish U.S.of A. So yes I like the nudity.

The building system is very easy to use and intuitive.

I like the climbing, it’s always been a pet peeve of mine that a very mild appearing incline can become insurmountable in other games.

You can build the character how you want to play for the most part.

And I like the community, the good people to scum ratio is much lower than other games I’ve played.

And lastly I like that the survival isn’t too intrusive into the gameplay beyond a certain point.
If I wanted pure survival I would play a single player game because if survival is the main focus you’re really just playing to keep a meter full.


I like that you can pretty much do what you wish in this game. I like video games but I get a bit tired of boundaries and rules all the time. Strange to say that a survival game like this frees me of it, but it does.
Spend your evening building, decorating, or explore the wilds, find creepy dungeons, that is up to what you feel like doing. I like using my imagination and role playing, so this game is perfect for me. I play other games but I always end up coming back to this.

I used to be a platinum trophy hunter haha.


Love the building. Love the variations of it. Climbing is just plain old fun. I love the PvP elements. Love the spots they put in specifically for bases (yeah I’m talking to you sneaky dev team)
… And you gotta find the to use them. Love that the maps are clearly different in play as well as scenery. Each map is a different feel .


Everything people here have said. Particularly climbing, it’s hard for me to play games without it now! I’ve been playing Elden Ring and it sucks I can’t just climb things :sob:

I also like the armour customization and dye system. Like @droch-aon I am also an artist and I love being able to customize my character’s look from a huge range of pieces. Even if it sometimes feels pointless on a PvP server, I like to look good while I’m barbarian-ing.


Chose Conan as the IP. The great thing about Conan’s world is it is a low fantasy setting (one can argue its not fantasy at all, but post-apocalyptical, pre-history scifi as it would have been seen in the 1920s and 1930s). This allows for a nitty gritty survival style game but still have some fantastical elements. The art and writing teams have done an excellent job bringing a lot of this to life.

The modding support has been pretty amazing too. One of the benefits of the rough clean slate mentioned earlier is the players can easily put their own content in nearly seamlessly. I’ve seen people add new maps and monsters and npcs within the hyborian theme as well as more traditional fantasy elements and it still works within the world aesthetic. Our modding community is some of the best people I’ve ever had the privilege to interact with as well.

And as others said, the free climb is pretty damn nifty. There was a short period in early access where it didn’t exist. It was a literal game changer. And it does kinda stink we can’t do it in other games because we sort of take it for granted here.

Finally the game makes for a great roleplaying platform. I haven’t been able to play in RP in about a year, usually just adminning and testing mods. But I still get to have fun enjoying watching others do it. Its one of the better stages for RP out there, even games that allow you to alter the environment like Minecraft or the belated Landmark.


Yes, still. Roaming around in the dark up in the north, constantly concentrating to avoid sabretooths, mammoths and direwolves.
Riding a horse through the nordheimer lands while the badass music is playing, lurking around the cannibals in the hot desert, chilling in the jungle while listenning to the night music, etc…
Because of this I can not get bored of this game, EVER. I play other games, because I like them too, but I always end up in Conan at most a week later, because I’m thinking “Ooooh, I need to collect this and that to craft these! I have to farm for this weapon! I have to kill X and Y!”.

And collecting stuff. Just to have chests full of stuff. And to make a sh***t ton of food, which is enough for literal years now. :laughing:


Hmm good question. When we talk about base game:

  • 3rd person view, I really don’t enjoy 1st person games.
  • the ability to do everything solo, I really don’t find it fun to be locked out of content and forced to group up with others in order to progress
  • the variety of server settings and ability to host a private one.
  • the building system, even though I am not great at using it, is still my favourite one so far.
  • climbing, it is fun.
  • no p2w, happy to buy all the DLCs because I like them not because I have to (I am aware of the advantages IOS offers combined with server transfers)
  • the variety of biomes and the scenery
  • even though we don’t have a lot of character customisation, the character still looks much better than most other survival games out there
  • I am not a big fan of rng and here there is fairly moderate amount of it. There is no gear enchanting etc that breaks when you try to upgrade it above certain level.
  • Generous inventory and storage space.
  • I used to like the combat system as well, no not so much after the removal of animation cancel and the addition of lunge attacks.
  • Generally I like the crafting system, is complex but not too complex.
  • I am not a big fan of having to farm for hours to maintain my consumables, while the hunger/thirst mechanic might be a bit too simple I prefer it over the one in Valheim where if you don’t maintain a proper food rotation you basically can’t play the game.

EDIT: I like the follower system. In the majority of other games you are the hero, is it a nice change to have someone to fight for you instead. I wish the player was a bit stronger though. I have not played Ark, I could not get into it.

To sum it up I prefer Conan Exiles over other similar games due to how casual friendly it is and for the scenery/character visuals.


Wow, this is nearly identical to what I would have typed so I’ll just quote it. The only exception is that I haven’t tried my hand at enough sculpturing to claim it - unless you count tens of thousands of hours 3D modeling.

So… yes… ^^^ that ^^^ exactly! Even the same order! :wink:


I love all the stuff above and that I dont think I have ever been or will ever be as close to a game as this. The customization is awesome and I love that after so many years now, more is coming and it just keeps getting better.


in my opinion the feeling of freedom that this game provides is much better than what is done in others.

Don’t forget that the players who denounce what is wrong with the game do it above all because they hope for changes and want to stay on this game if they didn’t like the game I don’t think they would take the time to do it




The game is flat out beautiful. From early access I remember choosing build locations to capture sunrises or sunsets or other amazing visuals of the land. And that was when there was only desert!

Climbing and cliff diving. Climbing was a game changer when introduced and the fun of sprinting toward a cliff edge, changing your approach as you run off so you can grab on to break your fall LOL

The build system, so clean yet versatile.

Mod support, the effort and engagement with the modding community is amazing! The tools and support offered allow modders to expand and extend the game even more and despite the nay-sayers, I believe that Funcom recognizes that value of the modding community and that modders all life to the game.

The Funcom team of writers working to remain close to the IP canon while building out a fun world. As mentioned above the low fantasy setting has allowed for all manner of play beyond the original intent. CE provides an excellent canvas from when to adventure and create stories and content.

The power granted to server owners/admins to tweak and customize the player experience, difficulty, hunger, follower counts, raid (or not), PVP (or not).

The engagement of the Community Managers and the Dev Team in listening to the player community! You cannot please all people. It simply is not possible. But I do believe that the FC team does listen and where they feel a suggestion may benefit the majority (or a toggle could improve individual client side experience) the work to implement it ((I’m talking here of camera shake toggle!!! Thanks for putting it in game!))

Keep up all the great work @Funcom!!!




I agree, what makes it weird is the form of language some players use to wish changes, they look more demands than wishes, or they call names to the company that fixed their favorite game derailing every single thread. Enough of it however, we relax in this thread.
I totally agree my friend, in this game I feel free. This game break a lot of boundaries, not only with nudity which was a great boundary in video games, but with all the above.
However I will focus in the online experience of this game gave me personally by telling my own story.
My first online gaming experience was with league of legends. I remember always playing support. My frame after 2 months of gaming was always decorated, I got a lot of honors from opponents for good gaming. I had a wonderful experience, it was something new to me yet I didn’t make friends. My pc eventually was broken and my financial statement was not so good to buy a new one, so I went back to my favorite console Playstation.
After playing some time beautiful titles my son downloaded fortnite. So I played a bit and before I know it I had for teammates children, the kids was all the time Mr Stelios, can you give me please some wood, or your purple shotgun etc… I couldn’t refuse to these poor children, but it was really poor choise for me to play with little children. I am a family man, I wouldn’t like my children to play with adults that I don’t know, so I had to quit this game very soon. Not to mention that I had friend requests from 5 year old gamers every day :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I started playing again solo titles until Conan came to my life. At last a game for adults, a game that your teammates or opponents was at least 16 until 80. This was a great relief for me, a place to fit in. I cannot tell you especially playing on pvp mode how many people I ve met. I made Friends, real friends playing this game, people that I spend online Saturday nights drinking wine online listening music and speaking about real life problems with me and my wife. I was in Rhodes, Pauline and Alex in Nantes and Corentin in Brussels. All of us in an open communication on messenger having really beautiful Saturday nights with relaxing conversations finding out that all people globally, no matter the origin or the color are the same!!!
Tell me, is there anything “more” , “higher” a game can give you from this? What more could I get?

I will close by saying that it is not a pay to win game and this is something to be mentioned and should be added to the list. WoW and ESO had a really fast passing from me and I find the pay to win thing too greedy.

Thanks for reading


I like the wholesome energy of this thread. I love you guys!

Another thing I like: The clan dynamics. My clan vs your clan, how we interact, where we farm, etc. It’s all organic interaction. No game-determined reasons for conflict or diplomacy. Just player interactions.


It remember me of the ICQ
times, chat with anyone on any location of the world


Because of this game my wife and kids literally join me in taking down mystical beasts and evil-ish n’er-do-wells in exotic and dreadful settings without worrying about POST GEARSCORE, LFTANK MUST POST ACHIEVE, ZOMG UR CLASS IZ BROKEN HARD PASS, LOLZ YOUR DPS IS 2ND WORST CHECKOUT MY RECOUNT, and ugh…

This game freed my wife and I from the toxic curse of WoW and I will forever be grateful, especially since my kids can participate without going through the stuff we put up with since Vanilla WoW.

Oh, and yeah, what @Narelle said. I agree with pretty much all of that and such.


Nothing here I can add to pretty much covered everything above. My wife and I have played since it hit ps4.Got a server shortly after we have met alot of fun people including my Greek friend :grinning:. However we haven’t gotten nearly as much done at the house as we would have without this game. Oh well.