What kind of Positive Feedback do you have?

My clan on Xbox is only 4 deep. I’ve got my best friend from high school, and 2 canadian guys. I love how it brings all of us together. And yeah…

I felt that in my soul lol


This guy right here is one of the best side effects of Conan Exiles. Wholesome, awesome, positive and friendly.


Agreed. He’s too nice. He’s up to something sinister. I know it.


The replayability

The animations are second to none. From horse riding to combat (and this goes back to Age of Conan as well) whoever the animation people are at FUNCOM are world class animators.


I put my right arm on this statement about @sestus2009, my right arm. He is on top 5 of the kindest persons I ever met and play in this game and my statement is not courtesy but a fact.


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Only thing I am up to at the moment is getting ready for work. But the day is young. Another thing about this game that is enjoyable is discovering the Forum and the people in it :+1:


It is feedback is it not??

Too kind!


Horseback riding, swimming and climbing are one of the best ive seen in a game. I do these actions the most any chance i get.

Savage lands mod- the water is deep too with all kinds of goodies.


There are so many good points here that I agree with. I’m not gonna repeat them, I’m just gonna add a couple of my own:

  • The lore and the quests in Exiled Lands. I will forever gush over this, because it’s simply masterful. None of the boring fetch/kill quests given by generic quest-givers, none of the visual clutter that comes with quest markers and minimap. Instead, everything is there for you to discover and, if you pay attention, it will guide you towards more fun stuff to do.
  • The music in Exiled Lands often gives me goosebumps. Not to mention that the old intro music sounds like they resurrected Basil Poledouris to compose it. Man, I miss that old intro theme.

I remember I asked for an option on settings to choose the intro. Ignasis replied positively, but I guess it ain’t priority. I miss this intro too.


The atmosphere.

The game has problems. Many problems. But the mystery, the atmosphere, the lore… even though or maybe even because everything is hidden, unclear, missing due to bugs, it’s just marvellous.

I recently replayed Exiled Lands (solo) with a 90% XP penalty, just to be forced to enjoy the different biomes while levelling up to Volcano strength. Was awesome. Learned some new things. Fought, strategized, travelled half the world to get equipment above my level to face the frost areas and other tough areas.

Was a blast through and through. The desolate landscape. The hopeless aftermath of a useless war. The hostile environment. The freedom and necessity to create something out of nothing but that s…hole of a place.

Also, the graphics, animations and art style. Cloaks and hair waving in the wind. The animations… unmatched in any game I played (excluding Age of Conan, obviously).

Would love (as in buy) more content.

“Take the road… any road…”


Dear Funcom. I have a household of 5. We all play. We all have purchased copies. Including the DLC’s AND Siptah.

hint hint

One of the best investments we’ve ever made because it rains A LOT where we are and getting into Exiled Lands Shenanigans is an excellent way to wait out the clouds for us.


Tons of things are good in this game, and honestly, very few of the complaints have to do with the game itself. Some of the stuff, I agree, as I mod many of them to my liking. Which is the most powerful feature of this game to someone who knows Game dev: You just make what you want or change what you think is wrong. That for some of us ofc.

For the others, you have a ton of options to choose from among the works of all the people who make stuff for public use. I guess that on PC. As I dont do consoles, I dont care much. lol

What I could say about Conan Exiles that I cant say about most games in my library is that Conan Exiles respects PC gaming. We dont need to abide mostly to fixed bindings (they exist, but not as a staple), and we have multiaction buttons, but they are way less annoying than all other games that port to consoles.

Like Horizon Zero, Conan Exiles allows me to set different keys to things even if the console cant do all that key “binding”.

I hate play in consoles because I like binding my hundreds of keyboard keys to things. I like doing “typing playing”, meaning, all games, WoW, EVE, all those PC games (I guess they will change soon, but not yet), I like to have full keyboard bound.

Cyberpunk is one example: Bad mapping of keys, most actions take half dozen keys or less to be using, because they are all crammed in multiaction buttons and contextual actions that make you choose between positioning and doing stuff.

Many other games are way worse than that, making an actual multiaction button that you have to make some acrobatics to get your character in the right position and looking at the right place to get it to do A and not X,Y or Z, or other many things.

I dont want to keep intrusive menus on my screen like in ark. I want to be able to play even without a UI, just knowing where in my keyboard it is the button to do stuff.

And that is why I spend many hours in Conan Exiles. I can even forget a UI exists in many places, just hiding it and playing without. I know if I want to do a lot of stuff, I wont need menus and placement indicators, I just can use the right shortcut, the right key, and my character do stuff.


Late to the party as usual.
This one has been busy of late.

Most of the major points have already been mentioned frequently.

This one’s biggest point of affection is when things are internally consistent.
It looks dangerous, it feels dangerous, it is dangerous.
The game plays as it reads on the label.
This tightness of concept to implementation is much appreciated. This game is not bogged down with dozens of mini-games that make no sense to story and are required for advancement. And when tangential Easter eggs are added, they often feel very correct and consistent to established setting.

Other than that…
The above-mentioned build system and taming system and graphic choices. Oh, and music, especially music.
The first time this one nearly froze to death was an excellent learning experience. Especially on Exiled Lands, interaction with the environment felt like a real concern.


Basil Poledouris is dead?!


Yeah, about 20 years ago or something…


Passed away on November 8th, 2006. Cancer sucks :frowning: