Some Positive Words for Funcom

I’m inspired by a recent post citing the things we like about the game.

I would also like to offer Funcom some nice, enjoyable things to read about their game. After going through the latest round of the Forum things are looking a bit bleak on there.


Say something nice to Funcom. A warm note of encouragement or praise.

Can I ask that you stick to this one, simple rule. If you can’t, make another post on the forum. I want nice statements here for Funcom employees. Please.


Thank you Funcom for bringing a game that has literally brought sunshine to my life. From my young days as a small boy, trying to be Arnold in the backyard in my underwear and a stick, to living out my fantasies in a rich narrative and aesthetically pleasing game, I love the product, it’s a work of art, thank you.


I always love and encourage positive posts, criticism is necessary for the evolution of the game but we must not forget to thank the efforts of the employees too. Our hobby is necessary in this age and this game gave us really beautiful days so far.
Yet, since it is not mentioned on the op, we must thank @Community too for their help and support all this time. They are equally responsible, at least for me, I have so good time playing this game.


I love my friends, who were introduced to me by a slaying game. Thank you Funcom for bringing us together.


My girlfriend and I met in The Lord of the Rings Online in 2008 and developed a mutual love for roleplay in online games, which eventually brought us together. Over the years we have lost touch with role-playing games and have gone our separate ways in terms of video games. Conan Exiles brought us back together. The possibilities for modders and the efforts of the developers to expand and improve the game have made Conan Exiles a dream for role-players. Thank you Funcom for the great time you made possible for me and my girlfriend in the Exile Lands. We are already waiting for more DLCs to show our appreciation. :slight_smile:


Without CE to distract and entertain me, I would be a hot mess right now. Thank you Funcom.


I’ve said plenty of negative stuff over the years, but there’s a lot of positive stuff I haven’t said, so here’s my chance.

First and foremost: thanks for listening to us players. Even when it doesn’t quite work out, it’s still more than I would expect from a game studio, and it often does work out. Some of the changes I’ve loved this year:

  • wheel of pain animation
  • being able to interact with things while riding
  • new rocknoses
  • the crafting system revamp
  • lava immunity for followers

And that’s just from this year.

Also, I wanna echo @stelagel’s sentiment: thank you, @Community, for being awesome and doing such a vital job despite … well, let’s not go into details and just say “despite everything” :wink:


Love a ton of the changes that have been added thus far, really shows a team who is listening to some degree, and making changes to feedback. Thank you for the continued updates.


There are issues at times, but this is one of the rare games that I can play insane amounts of hours in and still have fun

I have an embarrassing amount of time spent in game for how relatively shortly I’ve been playing

This is in the same category for me as Mount and Blade warband or Morrowind.

It may be a bit of a diamond in the rough at times, but it’s one hell of a spectacular diamond


Thanks for making a big chungus of a sandbox with a good character creator! Thanks for making a huge, richly detailed environment for people to explore, and tons of building elements for architects to shine in. Thanks for gory violence and melancholic storylines. Thanks for the sense of wonder I feel with each new bit of lore, be it environmental storytelling, notes, dialogue, or the item descriptions.


Very quick and very simple; Conan Exiles makes every other game I have played like mere side activities. I am a trophy hunter but my platinum count has dropped drastically since Conan. I periodically return to this and am never bored.


They have made a great game that could be so much more if they wanted it to be.

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I like CE.

Oookay, a bit longer explanation: First I saw it on youtube when you don’t have weapon animations just basic swings. What got me in it? The atmosphere. The music by the noob river, the landscape. The streamers who played the game went up to the Summoning place for the first time, and they were just as scared (and thankfully, Hungarian language is blessed with curse words, it is still funny to watch their reactions :grin: ) as me when we saw the place from afar and they ran back immediately to their base. That was the point I decided to try it out myself and oh boy. I still got goosebumps when I hear the drums.

And as @JJDancer said it is a pretty good stress-reliever. After a long hard day or when there are bad news aorund you constantly, bad things happen to you it is…relaxing, and mood increasing just sit there and become one with the Conan world.

I just can’t get bored running the same circles killing bosses and farming materials again and again and again. It has so many bigger and smaller bugs, but something has in this game. Some addictive material.


Wow everyone thank you this is awesome!!

Brings a smile!


Something nice to Funcom!

But all seriousness aside, it’s graphically the best (or one of the best) survival games available. And they have not prostituted themselves with micro-transactions nor deviated from the genre and theme with ridiculous weapons, vehicles and other lore destructive elements and woke nonsense.

So far so good!


My wife and I both enjoy playing this game alot so many things I should be doing around the house and garage that may never get done at this rate all because of listening to a PC beta tester streaming I believe she was from New Zealand. That got me hooked.


I think I know who you’re talking about… Yeah, I liked her as soon as she build a base in the same location as I. :slight_smile:

This is NOT off topic!!! There is an Ozy or Kiwi girl who says wonderful things about Funcom and Conan. She give nice tutorials and live play too. She brings many new players to the game! Don’t be a thread police without thinking please. TY!

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ShaiQuera is the name I think :wink:. My first YouTuber in Conan exiles was Vintage beef. When I play a game I always pick a YouTube video relative to the game so I can fall asleep :rofl::rofl::rofl:. He was funny but not so good, but I was way worst than him so watching a guy that is not so far from you helps a lot. I remember when he decided to go north for black ice and defeat the giant frost king ShaiQuera came to lead the way and give him a hand :wink:. So ShaiQuera was my second YouTuber for Conan exiles. Now it’s @Wak4863 and sometimes Kiah on fire, I just love her childish laughter, she is so sweet.


The reason I listened was at work couldn’t watch the 2 of them were at war with each other at one point she brought up a Avatar and took out part of his base.

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