Expressing gratitude to Funcom

I just needed to say - thank you, Funcom! I love your work. This sense that the game will grow and expand excites me beyond belief. I hope you will continue working on the game for many years.


Hear, hear!!


I’m like take my money and entertain me! :heart:


Somehow however you managed to entertain us for free :wink:. I want to see more of your builds @prologue1337, they are inspiring and educational.
@Yezdigerd same here m8, totally agree :+1:t6:.


My first reaction the other day was

“You did it…you crazy sons of…you did it…”

So yes, many thanks to the team at FC for bringing us through to the home stretch.

So now…Age of the Gods next? lol j/k.


You were probably kidding there but I really would like the next season after sorcery to be about gods and religion. I’m sure they are able to introduce maybe a few new cool religious concepts/systems.



Glad to see it still going!

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I want to thank Funcom as well.

I’ve been using the forum so far only to criticize and provide feedback, and that’s not right. But I’d like you to know that Conan Exiles is the first game which I thought is worth getting involved, putting the effort. In all my years of gaming I haven’t done that for any other game or company, because none made me care enough. But you and your game did, and I hope you’ll be around for many years more to spread fun and joy.

An explicit “Thank you!” is in order.


Welcome to the club!
This masterpiece deserves much praise.

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Yes indeed, thanks for your hard work on Conan Exiles guys! I myself am looking forward to having more ways to support your work! This is an awesome game, with 2 great Conan-style stories I love playing through!

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Welcome to the forum @Seikyr, nice to have you around :+1:t6:.

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