Thank You Funcom and Merry Christmas!

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Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to this game and to the fans so far this year. I know you’re all going to take some time off for Christmas, and hope it’s a well deserved rest. I sometimes feel like I’m blindly praising this game, but I just hope this game turns out to be better along the line. Thank you for being a game company that’s rare nowadays that focuses on gamers and bettering their experience for a game. Merry Christmas, or whatever it is at Funcom!


Thank you :slight_smile:
We really appreciate your thoughts. I’ll send them along our office.
Have some awesome Christmas vacations, and our best wishes for this new year we’re about to start!

(It’s “God Jul” :stuck_out_tongue: )


Aye, I am - at times - hard on Funcom (as a company, not - I like to think - on the people), but in a world of Activisions and Electronic Arts (and now, I’m sad to say, Bethesdas and Rockstars) with their lootboxes and generally hostile practices, one should take the time to appreciate that, whatever their flaws, Funcom isn’t like that.

So, God Jul and Godt Nytår (nytt år) to one and all!


Indeed i agree, I am a very Critical person and i give people a hard time a more often than not. But in the world we live today the members of funcom are a dying breed of wonderful individuals. They care not only about their wonderful game but about those of us who are running around within its confines. I am hoping that you guys have a wonderful Christmas Vacation or whatever holiday you happen to be celebrating.

Though before parting ways i wanted to return something to you all as you have given me something to break up my boredom throughout my day. Its taking a bit of work but i have been putting together two threads that contain all the requests the community would like to see over the coming year. We know your hard at work fixing the bugs in game now, but heres hoping that soon you will get the pleasure of moving on to a new task as i know all to well how bother some a single task can be if it takes a long time. Hopefully some of the communities ideas will make it on next years plans but maybe not or perhaps it will give you all some wonderful ideas of your own.

Once again thank you very much for your hard work and Dedication i wish i could do a bit more to return the favor than give you all praise but thats all ive got. :smile: Ill send you all the links in DM as best i can as i only know three of you so hopefully they will get around.


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