Thank you Funcom for this awesome game. I love it

I just wanted to thank Funcom for all the hours of fun I’ve had playing this game on my Xbox. I played the free weekend on my PC, and I’ve liked it so much on PC I’ll be buying the entire bundle(with DLCs) this Friday.

Yes, I know there have been rough times in getting things ironed out, but you guys have always been on top of it, and I love how you guys are always in the forums.

I freakin’ love this game. It rocks.

Just wanted to make this thread to show how much I enjoy this game and your service.


Welcome to the community, I hop around on various Official PVP servers

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It’s great to have you being part of our community. Thanks for the kind words, we’ll make sure to let the team know their hard work is appreciated :slight_smile:

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