Thanks for that wonderful funcom game

Day after day I see many negative comments here on the forum. Toxic people who sometimes because they are frustrated with life, seek to discount this at funcom, however to make a topic that I rarely see here, I want to thank Funcom for creating this wonderful game in which I fell in love. Thank you so much for everything and for your dedication to making this game even better. I’m sorry if my English is bad, I’m not very good at it


Thank you so much for saying that and the kind words. :slight_smile: We want the forums to be a great place to troubleshoot issues, report bugs, and voice concerns. As long as it’s constructive of course. :b But we know there are many more enjoying the game and lurking here that don’t have anything or want to post and that’s okay! But I certainly won’t complain about seeing posts like this. ;D So thank you. <3
Also, your English is very good!!


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