Switching it up again

Yes i have returned with another bit of positivity

So its been a little while that i have been playing conan exiles but ive recently realized that when i feel the hype to be creative i always think about this game because to me it allows me to do crazy things with my imagination for example i can enjoy getting 3 level one thralls and one level 2 and literally make those 3 level one’s goons to the level 2 in my base make em pirate themed so i call em scallywags and captain for the level 2 and ofcourse give em the fitting armor and weapons etc i dont think i know of many other games that allow me to do that together with building my own unique base i personally also really love vikings and the north and conan is able to also provide that to me the landscapes differwnt cultures i think there is something for everyone in this game i am a singleplayer and i have no clue whats going on on the online part but how i experience conan exiles

I dont think ill ever quit this game permanently

Ymir bless you

Thank you for reading exiles


You are right no one knows what is coming down the pipe. What ever it is I will enjoy the game. Been playing since game first came out. So enjoy.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, so true m8, so true! When we play another game, sooner or later we will come to the comparison, between the one we play and Conan…
Conan always wins, always!


Conan just cannot be compared to thats why im hoping this game stays alive and even perhaps hear me out as this is a very wild thought a conan exiles 2 that would be absolutely crazy because they clearly have an amazing and creative community and themselves are very creative too so i would support it throught thick and thin


That is quite some time my fellow exile i came on a later base but waay before siptah to tell u a secret i never really finisbed the game yet as i always get too distracted building and making and gathering new thralls and pets but wow what a game


I to have never finished this game. And I never will. Why!!! Can someone tell me

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Who ever sent that text just know I will never contact FUNCOM

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Still waiting on you to contact me

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