What is Conan Exiles to you

I’d like to get an idea of what Conan is to different people. There is no right or wrong answers. And i’d prefer to keep debating to a minimum, as this is a way for people to express how the game has affected them, no matter how minor or major.

For me Conan is a pick up game of basketball. I have a love for basketball (i am 6’5" in RL) and am generally above avergae (or was, age is MFer.) When i started this game, i really never liked playing online. I was a solo campaign guy, MG5, GoW, Some Skyrum and GTA. Games where i could escape and relax with. Then came Conan. I started on a PVE, 15 minutes on there, and nope wasn’t for me. I gave PVE-C a chance. 1 week, but the Borg cubes started destroying the scenery. So i ventured to PvP officials. About 3 days in, met a guy that was learning the ins and outs as i was. He was from Ark. We kind of gelled like Pippen and Jordan. My first teammate on the courts!!! We built, and found another guy. Wow, i actually like these guys i don’t know :slight_smile: Then we got offline raided. But the baller in me said nope, i was going to retaliate for my teammates. Met up with the Alpha. Got into a war as there ally. Merged. More teammates. Some quit the game. Raided a clan that was trying to inside us. Kicked them off server. Got into another war. Insider clan returned, but no hard feelings. More of my clan quit. Merged with the insiders. And now i have been holding down court until recently (basically 25 plus in game years of this dynasty). This game has been a visit to the past for me. I can’t play basketball anymore (severe back and neck injuries from playing prevent that now). But i still get to ball with my pick up team and hold the court. Thanks, Funcom. You let me ball again!!!


I am also 6’5" and was a Davis Cup athlete in high school and college. As strong cranes, we kinda have a leg up on the world, and I really appreciate it every day. Just this morning I caught a couple of cat trees as they were in midflight plop onto a baby carriage at TJ Maxx, and it was actually nothing! (Cat-like reflexes courtesy of lifelong cat pals.)

Add to that I’ve been gaming since the TRS-80 and you have a concoction for success, right? Yeah right.

I have never been so good at a game, that is at the same time so beautiful, addictive, and humbling. In Conan Exiles you think you’re awesome until you meet the next level of builder, fighter, whatever in PVP. I came here from GTA and yet it’s somehow more civilized. More real. Definitely tough.

Conan Exiles is to be binged, or sipped for long sessions. I can’t simply dip in for 30 minutes, for other than PVP maintenance rounds, unless I’m cooking up a lot of thralls.

Other than that, I’ve never played anything like Conan Exiles. I’m hard pressed to return to some of my favorites, even RDR. I always end up longing for the life you can make for yourself, and on the right server, enduring real-life relationships that appear to be unique to the multiplayer parts of this game.

As for you, I’m glad for people like you. On Officials, you’re an economical player who helps the Alpha show his hand, most times. Great to meet ya!

Ironically i am also 6’5 rather funny that we all are. But that is beside the point. Personally i’ve been a heavy duty gamer my whole life from about the age of 4 or 5 but i am much older now. As i grew older my tastes in games changes back when i was in my early teens i could play dang near any game and have a great time. Though now that i am in my early twenties i long for games that are unique and break the mold and are not the same run of the mill crap. These types of games are very hard to come by. First there was ark for me. Honestly i played it alot i exterminated servers and was even hired to do some pretty horrible crap to other players. But that was a long time ago.

I heard about Conan exiles back when it was on pc and honestly i watched the gameplay and enjoyed it though i was sad that it was yet to make its way to consoles. So things continued. Finally the game came out for pre order and i picked it up the midnight of release. The game was and still is impressive. Infact i am absolutely astonished at the work such a small group of people have done. This game while it lacks the content of ark, conceptually, and mechanically and even graphically blew Ark clean out of the water and so high it was a twinkle in the sky. I’ve not stopped playing since release. I’ve made plenty of friends and plenty of enemies along my way and crushed servers filled with horrible people and helped build up the noob population. I’ve done everything there is to do on this game yet i still play.

Honestly i am growing bored of the game but at the same time i still enjoy it as it gives me the ability to do so much. To me it is my past time and something i’ve turned into a hobby.
Though i must say it saddens me Fun.com managed to blow a big company out of the water even with such a wide content gap yet i see people leaving every day. I hope that they will close that gap and people will see that the Devs at fun.com care about their game and even listen to their community unlike so very many other devs.

I look forward to supporting this game for years to come, i’m even hoping it will stay relevant through next gen consoles. Come hell or high water i will always return to play such a wonderful game that not only has a community that cares but creators that are in it for more than just the money.

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