Where does the pvp player base draw the line?

I’d like to begin this with, I love Conan exiles, I truly do. I played on official PvP servers for years. I bought nearly every DLC on PC and Playstation. I’ve been in every corner of every mountain at every point in the map. The world building in Conan is amazing. I love the character of the exiled lands. I appreciated the addition of mounts. I even enjoy the thrall system. Conan in my opinion has one of the funniest combat systems. I love the different builds and things you can do. I love the freedom.
I overlook so many glitches as just part of the game on a daily basis. It’s the cheating that has really gotten me at this point. Our entire clan just ends up feeling powerless in comparison.
I know this question has been asked before, but what are we supposed to do? Keep moving servers and abandon progress over and over again? Level to 60 on yet another server?
We were teaching two newer players how to play Conan, but they’re no longer interested in playing after our encounters with a clan using the all attributes and perks glitch. How are we supposed to even compete with a team of people who have every strength, vitality, agility, grit, encumbrance, accuracy, and survival perk? We tried. We got a few low, but with the current heal system, our time to heal is drastically different than someone that has every perk in vitality. In addition, they get they addition 50% damage every time we get them low. They’re able to dodge attacks by jumping, using no stamina, every time they role they get the additional armor from the agility perk. They have natural resistance to damage because of the 3rd perk in grit. They’re able to pick up dropped kits immediately after trading without dealing with being encumbered.
Even someone meshed, can be fought against at your base and in the world, but this… What do we do?
We’ve invested money and time in this game just to get screwed over again and again. I understand that there’s a lot of problems that need to be addressed in Conan, but damn, I would pay a monthly subscription for pvp, pvec, and pve servers that Funcom actually monitored to ensure that the game was played as intended. I just wish we had options. At this state, I would not suggest, or recommend someone play this game. The likelihood that something will happen within your first 100 hours of game play in pvp specifically is nearly guaranteed.
I am also aware it’s not 100% fair to blame Funcom for the actions of the player base, I just wish Funcom had a way to punish or report the players that use exploits within the game. Funcom, We’ve seen how creative and amazing your team can be, please, give us some options in our fight against exploiters.


Funcom did provide us with instructions to report the hackers.

Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

You have to message Funcom and provide the following information:

* Platform
* Name of the Server
* A description of the infraction being reported
* Irrefutable, veridic proof and evidence to back up your report. This includes, but is not limited to, screenshots, videos, timestamps, names of characters and guilds, profiles.

The problem is providing “irrefutable, vridic” proof. You will need to submit a video showing that the character with the ability hack are doing high-level ability perks that normal characters cannot all do.

Once you have this proof, send a message to Funcom here in their forums.

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Okay, but what am I going to do about this exploit specifically? I can’t see their screens or stats. I could video the double jump, them being able to pick up and remove items from multiple bodies without be encumbered, the fact that they have more stamina than someone without grit and agility, and using the knock back feature you get from the accuracy perk. I can display that they aren’t running buffs. I can’t pull up their health bar and my health bar to compare the healing or damage to even begin to do the math on bonuses. I can’t see their usernames in the player list, because they don’t use chat. So, we only have the name of the guys that killed us in event log. We checked one of their steam accounts and he had changed his username 3 times recently.
I don’t have to ability or permissions to gather this, “irrefutable, vridic” proof.


The problem is also the response time… By the time FC does something (if you can provide the proof), the exploiters will already have wiped the server.

Agree a lot with OP. A lot of meshers build crap bases because they feel safe under the mesh and a lot of them cheat because they aren’t good at the game. They often leave as soon as they get raided or if half the server chase them every time they’re spotted out in the world.

I haven’t really had to deal with stat glitchers directly (maybe because I haven’t played much this year), but that would probably make me leave. That and the constant crashing of servers they do. But I think most server crashing I experienced was for duping or raid protection… Crashes every half hour during raid time = empty server in 2-3 days :frowning:


This is a very good point.
We have tried to destroy undermesh buildings with avatars, it is a costly tool to use but it can be effective even against a bigger group of cheaters (murphy´s law = ****suckers always come in a pack).

But if you know that your opponents are all with the all 50 attribute glitch, then it doesn´t even make sense to try to attack any more. Every enemy encounters you may have would lead to direct death and you would lose your avatar token or explosive assets, you could as well just hand everything out for free for every cheater who arrives at your server.

This is why for me Conan Exiles PvP (on officials) now is in one of it´s worst (if not the worst) condition ever.


Private servers is the answer, I’ve given up on the officials.




Honestly, if you’re willing to pay a monthly fee, I’d suggest simply renting your own server. This way all the control is in your hands. I don’t do PvP personally but I can certainly understand the frustration (from what I’ve been reading it does seem beyond the pale).


The difference is someone paying an admin as a job or having to use your own freetime on it. And when you stop playing and paying the server goes on, instead of messing with everyone else on the server too.

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Was simply a suggestion. If you enjoy the game as much as the OP stated, you would be in it for the long haul anyway but it is true that it does require a time element on behalf of the server owner. I guess it comes down to whether you’re willing to put in that extra effort.

Going private doesn’t work either as the big issue is a lot of players don’t trust private either so you suffer from empty server as well …

Tbh I’ve been on about 6 official servers now and each one has some plague of cheaters … did the report system got the proof and nothing ever happens.

We eventually spoke to one of the cheaters from China and they told us that everyone cheats it’s part of the game and it makes it fun for them … so the psychology of why they cheat is because it’s expected or assumed others are doing it too.

It’s frustrating as even if you stick it out and fight them despite the odds stacked against you, when you start to win they crash the server or speed hack …

In Oceania there is a lot of private servers but nobody really plays anymore so it just feels like single player mode these days

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Problem is getting people to play on it, it seems. My brother and I have been renting a server for two weeks, and so far we’ve gotten one guy to start playing regularly on it. I’d be willing to bet there’s 40 people out there who would love to play on it if it was populated, but noone wants to go first I guess. :man_shrugging:


The thief thinks everyone steals, as the saying goes.


What you just said is very true. For an idiot reason, at the beginning of my online experience, I played on pvp private servers. I said idiot because I hate pvp. Back then I use to believe that pvp players know better pve :joy::joy::joy:. The only good thing is that I met to many admins and I work a lot of charity in their servers. The deal was I would fix their markets, museums, maprooms, startkit halls and arenas, but they would have to inform all the new comers, that nobody is raiding Bella - Farm & Build :wink:. Still, when I joined to help new servers it was really difficult for the admins because of the population issue. Though they send info on Facebook or Instagram about the server, people just won’t join.
You pay to have proper fights
It is very difficult to fill your server with proper players.
You enjoy every day all the complaints :joy::joy::joy:
You work your a… to fix events, to give them gifts and the loosers are complaining again
You cannot pvp because if the admin team wins, the loosing clan is leaving the server.
So you work, on something you pay and others have fun, what’s the point my friend?

I figure it’s worth a shot. The server’s paid up for 3 months, if I can’t get it populated I’ll just let it expire.

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Honestly I really wish you ’ ll have a populated server, with really good players, who love the game. Still, it is very difficult :pensive:.
My dream is to play ln a pve ps4 server barbaric difficulty, with official parameters. I believe that for veterans this is a very challenging situation. The reasons I don’t fix my own server is the honey barrel. If you have the admin power (honey barrel) then you will dip a finger in and before you know it your both hands are inside the barrel :joy::joy::joy:. I ask several times for an official pve server barbaric difficulty but only @idjiit respond positive on this one. I guess this wish will remain just a dream.


I’ve reported multiple servers with cheaters they’re still on there. They don’t put a lot of thought into it. They really don’t care for console right now because have you seen the mess the new map is in right now?

Do you remember the complaints about the godly power of the thralls? So the company did what they ask and reduce the thrall power. All these cheaters, even with full stats were one shot for my Spinas with the sword of Crom, just one shot. Even a good Berserker or a snow hunter will one shot them and the good players could stand a chance against these rats. It was good for pvp to nerf the thralls, they said. The way I see it, our complaints do more damage than the cheaters some times :pensive:. Now pve and pvp is finally equally damaged and I wander, who win with the thrall nerf ?

Honestly, any t4 thrall can still solo any of the end game bosses, so I don’t really see the problem there. I appreciated the thrall nerf, because something needed to be done. The leveling system also helps with the thrall spam because now you have to take time with each thrall to level it.
I don’t want to be able to one shot a decent player with my thrall and lose out on a fun and engaging fight, so that a cheaters one shot by a thrall. I just don’t think that’s the right mindset to have.


Exactly, we have a good group of guys, but we all don’t want to go around joining a bunch of player own servers to find the server with the exact settings we want, without starter kits, and without admins actively playing the server. It’s just not something any of us would find pleasant. Even if we did, find a server, and got attached, the potential for bias interference from admins is nearly unavoidable at some point. That’s what I mean by stating that I would pay a subscription for servers directly moderated and administered by funcom. I don’t want bias intervention. I don’t want starter kits. I want raw pvp, bases, and raiding.
The state of pvp official servers isn’t good. I was just making a suggestive comment, because I really just want another option.