Where does the pvp player base draw the line?

We all do. The only actual appeal of a Funcom Server is supposed to be an unbiased umpire using a server designed as per the devs intended experience. a kind of baseline if you will.

Having a private owned server atm is just hit and miss. Even if the admin is pure admin god him/herself the seed of doubt is always there and so players just assert the paranoia.

Its comical how the entire ecosystem has ended up. “I want to play the game but can’t because the official servers owned by the official devs dont officially do anything”



PVP players draw the line under the mesh LOL.


The problem is trust.
If I join your server will you be around in six months or will all of my work be wasted? Will you be fair, or will your brother and friends get preferential treatment?
I have played both official and private servers and was not happy with my private server experiences.
I am not saying you are like those admins, but I think the trust issue is huge for many of us that would like to play on a private server but do not want to be micro-managed by someone we do not even know.


I certainly see where you’re coming from. That’s how it usually goes, unfortunately. I think the bigger problem is the people who want to lord over a server and be admin for the sake of it put more effort into it and thus those are the servers that get populated. Personally I think it’s a pain, I just wanna play the game without it crashing every five minutes not do a lot of extra work lol. That’s my theory anyway.


This actually reminds me of this video that a British expat made about scammers in China. Although the video talks about scams in China, he delves into the psychology of why some Chinese players cheat.

5:30s - There is an idiom in China which says “If you can cheat, then cheat.”
21:40s - In general, the Chinese are friendly and hospitable. However, making money or getting ahead is more important than morals, is more important than anything else.


I’ve seen this video before as well.

Every advantage chinese people can get, they will use. Because they are trained from childhood to do that. Be better than the one next to you. With any means possible.

Their saying: “If it’s possible to do in the game, it’s legit. If you can’t do it, then you are a noob” (Yes, they are calling players who don’t cheat noobs)

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I’d actually appreciate if all PvP players would draw the line now so Funcom can focus on improving game content for what is an overall great game. Thanks.

Look my friend, I don’t have any objections on the changes of the game. For me every change is a new challenge and I love it. As for the thrall damage, if you played before and finished the game solo barbaric mode, then you would know that thrall damage is not an issue for you anymore, but learning every move all the weapons have, every possible combo, when to shield, when to dodge and how to maintain the debaf with fast strikes, or how to heal. Thralls on barbaric mode back then were doing low damage (bigger than yours ofcurce) and receiving a lot. Imagine that inside black keep I have lost 2 thralls and I was almost ready to quit. I didn’t try now with the extra aggressive system, omg it must be chaos :joy::joy::joy:. I don’t know if I mention that I am a ps4 player and all the hack problems have not touch me, but I don’t approve them. I am here to support against hack, it is unfair, it is low, it is wrong and ofcurce some actions, like permanent ban must take place on these actions. Still my conversation with my friend @r4nd0mGamer, could be in a private message. It is just what I said a lot of times here and I ’ ll say it once more, I really love to chat in this forum with good persons :joy::joy::joy: that’s all :+1:.

Please, correct me if I am wrong, but are you implying that the pvp player base should simply give up on the pvp aspect of the game, so that Funcom can focus on the game? Conan exiles was marketed as a pvp title. One of the tags, for purchasing the game on steam, is still PvP. The player vs player, isn’t really the huge problem that needs to be addressed. It’s the player vs the cheater. That’s THE problem. It’s the person that loves the game and wants to see healthy servers VS the cheater that doesn’t care how many people they chase away from the game. We (the pvpers you want to quit) buy DLC’s too! We continue to buy content from Conan, so that they’ll continue to provide more content to the game. I don’t deny that Conan is a good game. I acknowledge so many things about the game I appreciate in my post. I’m not here to attack the game or players that play different modes. I’m just trying to speak out on my personal experiences with a specific mode within the game. A good administrative system could potentially bring a lot of the pvp player base back to Conan. The more players, the more people that buy dlcs, the more people that buy dlcs, the more dlcs that will be made. I want Conan to succeed as a whole, not just one mode over another.


It’s alright. I just didn’t quite feel like your first comment really had the right idea behind it. I explained why in my response. I agree with the challenge. I think the player base really does have the ability to adapt and manage. We do what we have to, to survive. That’s why the bugs, or glitches, on the daily don’t bother me. I’ve pretty much accepted there existence and they are easy to tolerate in my opinion to continue playing the game. It’s just the player vs cheaters fight that Funcom needs to address. We’re losing, We don’t have enough options, We’re desperate, and we officially need official help.


I really hope you get it my friend, I really do. Pvp is a very beautiful experience in this game, especially when you play for a team, for persons you like. I was in a pvp team you know, we were called La legion, they were all French and Belgian , I was the only foreign in this team (I am Greek). I was their farmer, cook, organizer and goalkeeper :joy::joy::joy:. I only pvp when another clan was attacking us, for me it was something like the purge :wink:. I knew everything they loved
Po, predatory blade.
Lufy, ranissan hammer.
Ganga, mordlun spear.
Psyko, Adventurers blade.
Ixmen, yogs touch axe.
I make sure they had all the reserves they need, especially my friend Ganga, young and silly he was fighting unfair fights all the time :wink:. Since I was a pve lover, I was training the thralls twice as fast they did, I was playing full encumbrance all the time and every time I return I was filling the chests with the necessary. You 're gonna ask me what was my benefits from this team? Oh my friend they were a lot. Once the week they were coming with me, without thralls, to do a random dungeon. Oh my God we laughed a lot, it was awesome. For me pvp with these guys was my best time in conan exiles, I really miss these days, ps4 stay back, they got bored and the rest is history :pensive:.

The real problem with the game that it seams that developers abandoned it for the new dune project, or they are completely don’t give any sh*t about PvP servers. All of official servers are now plagued with non stop crashers and 50+ chars, Devs not even trying to fix it.

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So You just say that it was fine that thralls was one shotting people? People like You make game worse and worse by giving that kind of ‘feedback’

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Thank you for your kind words my friend, I am really sure that you read all my posts here and you jump to the conclusion that I am a terrible player. If it was only you though, but you are not unfortunately, anyway, thank you again :wink:.

My entire clan just got a month ban for crashing a server when nobody was there too, and we were very ironically reported by the 60 staters on 1600 pc. I think the pvp community is going to continue to suffer until funcom pushes the quickfixes. I’ve been playing since the game was 1st person. The situation that causes people to do this is the animosity that comes with it. If you don’t know how to do it then you’re just bound to get destroyed and its worth bodyvaulting rather than staying for an unfair fight. Its also hard to report people when your team isnt recording what they’re seeing, just causes an instant morale drop.

I know this post is all over the place but my mind with the way that pvp is treated is everywhere the meta is just axe trades and with people with boosted stats you are not going to win period.

It keeps being asked because funcom doesn’t respond to players. We are less than them and not worthy of their precious time. Doing their jobs well is also far beneath the ultimate beings at funcom. Honestly, how dare you even post in their direction with your feeble wish for a fair and playable game. Get lost, subhuman scum.


Well I have had a private server for ps4 since a couple months after console launch. It’s 20 slots and not pvp. The only work is what you want it to be set your schedule reset once a day . Check for trouble makers once in awhile. Or spend alot of time with events did that for awhile . It can be rewarding because of the people you meet.

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well it’s also different for a PVE server, people don’t have that much reason to cheat and why would I even care if someone can kill bosses or build bases faster than me? If they mesh, so what? Then I don’t have to look at their ugly bases lol

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