Will you address the rampant cheating, or not? We want to know

I’ve been playing Conan for a year and a half. I have over 3,000 hours in game. Conan Exiles is one of the best games I have ever played. I enjoy the graphics, the wonderful details in both sight and sound, the way you have obviously spent hours upon hours studying the way humans move and act. The characters are the best looking of any game I’ve seen. The building pieces are wonderful to use and look at, with the occasional weirdness.
But all of this is made worthless by cheaters. I have seen cheaters on every official server I have played on. The list includes 1580, 1588, 1589, 1600, 1931, 1601, 1581, and more. I have seen people using lag switches to gain advantage in combat. I’ve seen dupers. Dozens of dupers. I’ve seen undermeshers. I’ve seen script hackers. And they just ruin the game. Not just for me, but for all of us who play fair. And I have reported many of those cheaters to you, Funcom, and to Battleye. The answer I get is always the same…sorry, we can’t do anything.
Oh, and I’ve also been told to play on a private server. I’ve played on 5, and every single one had an admin who abused his privilege and broke his or her own rules. This game just seems to bring out the worst in people.
I understand you have thousands of servers. But I spent $60 on the game, and have also spent over $60 again on DLCs. I think it would be in your best interest to keep your customers happy, after spending more than $120 on your product.
You already have my money. Does that make my voice less important? Cheaters are ruining a very cool game, and every post, every question I see about cheaters just gets the brush off. Come on Funcom, you are better than that.

Will you do something about it?


Just about every time they release a new update, the patch notes include fixes to various exploits.

It’s a slower pace than we’d want, but they are “doing something” about it.


gp/portal server needs one admin for have controlover abuses, if there arent polices, the glitchers go like as they want…

Its far west, the people need record glitchers, sent, wait to funcom
it would be better and online assistance and check this or this, and with queue from our request. It should be down the cheaters sure!

Some months back I also witnessed inventory scripts being used on here. It makes your inventory an extension of your hotbar by allowing you to use slots in your inventory with key presses.

It used to be common practice in Darkfall and gave players quite the advantage over those that weren’t using them.

Hey Toad, good to see you again.

Been there on four of those myself, and I can vouch. I would happily volunteer to help clean up the situation. Personally after all my history with this game, I can think of a few other people I would trust to drop onto servers, video the offenses and collect the data. Then Funcom’s admins could exact/enact the punishment.

I’ve tried many tactics. Henry V in the camp with the soldiers, getting into the muck with the bad guys, popping in and out with bombs to try and level the field. There are simply too many servers and too many nefarious actors for this level of activism.

I agree Funcom should step into server moderation.

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We have run into a lag switcher on 1600. I haven’t seen anyone using lag switches for a while, and I thought that maybe Funcom had somehow solved that one. But nope. It’s unfair, and discouraging when it is impossible to beat a player in combat and you can plainly see that he is cheating.

I’ll tell you how I know: I fought him in the Mounds of the Dead, and I was gaining the advantage. I’d hit him with a legendary hammer and get him with two or three hits, taking his health down to less than half. He would roll and then dodge while healing, which is a normal tactic. This went on for 5 or 6 attacks. Then he ran away and gained some distance between us, and then stopped moving. The game became laggy, and he would warp every 2 to 3 seconds. I died while his character was warping around and I never saw an attack animation. This has happened between this player and myself three times now, and also to my clanmates. Last night 4 of us had him surrounded when he began lagging. Our top PVPer had 50 vitality and was killed without anyone attacking him. His dead body even ended up high in a tree.

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If you’re the same Toad I’ve seen online, we’ve seen you engaging in a fair bit of cheating as well. I get that it’s hard to fight cheaters/dupers without it, but I’ve seen you wipe honest players through cheated means before. All the more reason for there to be consequences, but it makes your individual complaints ring hollow.

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If that is the same Toad I’ve encountered on multiple pvp servers, then that last comment is spurious at best and trollish at worst. The Toad I’ve seen (and heard on Discord) tends to be at the forefront of hunting undermeshers, dupers and just plain nasty attitude people all over the place.

Calling someone out to tarnish their image while they seek answers to help out the player base in general seems a rather low blow. And you’d have to suspect that someone who engages in this defamation is an exploiter themselves, because again there’s no logical reason to throw a roadblock in front of someone trying to get an answer to stop cheaters.

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The problem with this is that as they fix one issue the exploiters find 2-3 new ones in the new patch. That leaves us with just an arms race between the devs and the cheaters.

Perhaps eventually the tide will swing in favor of the dev team, but this could be a solution that takes years to achieve. It would be nice to see a stopgap solution at least in the short term that can tackle the issue.

Its fair to say we shouldn’t criticize without offering up any ideas for a solution, though. And for me I don’t actually see the devs as the answer. I think the answer will come from the modders out there pushing the code to see what the game is capable of. And perhaps a way to involve them is offering them something similar to the Chosen of Asura for finding solutions.

Exactly. The netcode is very bad for this game. Even if your enemy has the slightest lag or any desync happened and you hit him on your screen despite he being 4m away from you on his screen, he still gets damaged, because hit detection is based on client side.

I don’t know what everyone is talking about, this game is protected by Battleye. Hacks wish they could get around that. The Gold Standard in protection. :clown_face:

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I have never ever cheated.

you’re not happy? go on another server and start from ground up. funcom is too busy pampering the private servers. sick of greifers? find another server and start from ground up. plain easy simple. funcom is too busy being too busy for its paychecks.

also thousands of servers…

after making a methodic search of each type of servers…
WORLD WIDE SERVERS the whole sum of the players around the globe playing the game

  • PVP 300 servers found totalling 378 players only 11 servers showed up as 10+ players.
  • PVE-C 29 servers found totaling 117 players. only 3 serers showed up as 10+ players
  • PVE 100 servers found totaling 164 players only 3 servers showed 10+ players 28 servers showing as 1 player.
  • private servers aka pay per month , the money shot for funcom, 4905 servers 1137 showed recent life… only 7 showed as 10+ 3 showed 20+ and 2 showed 40 players. the others are empty or dead.

im letting thisrest in the hands of the pleb and beggars

It’s amazing isn’t it? 1.5 MILLION copies sold in the first week, we’re down to a few hundred players actually being online. What an absolute mess. All along the way they were warned, every single step, and it was ignored. Carebears and brown nosers on the forum would show up in droves with “UHH BUT IM PLAYING SINGLEPLAYER AND IM HAVING FUN, SO THERE’S NO PROBLEM!” even as the playerbase shrinks and shrinks. Game is completely dead and nobody has any hope.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Funcom needed to get on this a year and a half ago. I can’t even wrap my head around why it goes unfixed. Funcom has a small team, but how small though? Surely a few decent coders could get around to fixing the problem after all this time. Month after month - what are they working on? What are they doing at Funcom HQ? Any company worth its salt would have put bug fixing (especially game ruining bugs) as top priority before working on ANYTHING else, and we’ve gotten nothing.

I could understand it if it was some minor bug that caused a goofy looking animation or some slightly unbalanced issue, but this is ridiculous. Underground bases with duped bombs since day one and not a single fix. Absolute joke. Can’t admin the servers (all 5 of them that have people left…) because it’s too hard. Ridiculous.


On PC It normally sits between 6500 and 8000 during peak hours.

The numbers aren’t what they could be but it’s still alive and kicking.

That’s what im talking about though, denialism doesn’t help anything. We’ve only got a few hundred people playing online, all those other numbers are singleplayer/coop. They’re not going to keep the game afloat forever. If Funcom invested in their game, it could be like rust with 70-90k players online and full servers all over the place. Because they’ve chosen to completely abandon the real multiplayer aspect of the game, the multiplayer community has disappeared. Again, 1.5 MILLION sales were made in the first week. There’s no reason for the servers to be ghost towns.


3500 players in 5000 servers… thats 0.7 players per servers

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its just dumb. I was here since EA and honestly, this is what was “fixed”

  • waterproof t1 torches( you used to be able to swim underwater with your fire-based torch on)
  • dismantling bench giving out more than it should have
  • rendering for buildings because you know… having 3 house of 5000 square miles when youre alone in your clan is always good. it didn’t change a thing since when the rendering was improved power builders started building even bigger.
  • lifeblood spear going to normal rates on regen. before it was 300hp per seconds
    the rest never was fixed. since EA released and now the game is live and nothing has been done. but we do get censored a lot xD

Err… Aren’t some players complaining that Funcom focuses of catering for the PvP group at the expense of PvE/Single-players? I doubt most solo/Co-op players are PvPers.

And looking at the Steam activity charts linked by Lord_Wiggles, we can see a huge initial spike in the player activity when the game was released a year and a half ago. After that there have been a couple of higher waves when big updates were released, but other than that, the player activity chart isn’t actually showing any dramatic change either upwards or downwards.

Remember that players worldwide are divided across 24 time zones, and not everyone is playing every day. 1.5 million copies sold does not equate to 1.5 million people online at the same time, in one day or even in one week (although the decay system definitely encourages online players to at least take a peek in every week). Many casual players, myself included, only play for a couple of hours at a time maybe one or two days a week.

Maybe those numbers don’t justify trying to maintain thousands of servers. Shutting down those with the least activity and directing players to find each other might make sense. And getting rid of exploits would definitely make those official servers more attractive, even if it doesn’t stop people from acting like jerks towards each other.

Many players have left because of the cheaters if funcom would take responsibility and moderate the severs and van these cheaters I’m sure many players would come back and funcom would make more money longterm