Question about mods - what else is there?

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. Just have a very quick question. At the moment, I have a Conan exile server running the age of calamatious mod pack (It’s PVE with a few other mods) but recently we’ve had a few players reach the max level of 300 and have made themselves the best gear in the game. The current dungeons barely scathe them and even 3 skull mobs prove to be no challenge. Which has lead them to ask me, what else is there? I’m fairly new to conan and even newer to modding conan, so I don’t really have any answers. I’m looking for some mods to make this harder for those in endgame… Maybe some dugeons that would need a few max levels to complete in a group, or maybe some proper group raids (Not PVP) actual raids… or maybe even some hardcore world bosses?

Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

By the sound of it your rates are too high and you have activated the easy mode with that lvl 300 there considering that AoC goes up to 120 content-wise. You can try EEWA:

Hi Narelle,
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I believe they may be too high. We actually have the EEAW mod pack installed at the moment. Its been a reasonable success, but they still complain they don’t have “anything to do.”

Thats because when you are x3 the recommened “max lvl” allowing people to get everything unlocked meaning there is nothing to do or work towards…

You have provided armor weapons an lvls that “break” the game making it to easy…
Lower rates ? Lower material drops? cap lvl lower instead of 300 are all that can really be suggested …

As for mods to many mods ruin the game to be honest as you can get everything done to easy an to fast which just means people get bored cos its to easy with nothing to do

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