Starting Again with AoC - need advice for mods



I am thinking of wiping my server and starting again with AoC.I love mods and want to explore some new ones. Below is what I have currently and what I am thinking of adding.

Its just me and my gf on our own LAN server. Full PVE. We are not into RP, but do love assets, exploring and building. I love fighting, my gf not so much…but she can hold her own when needed…heh

Current Mods:

New list I am thinking about: (not in order)
Age of Calamitous
Glass Constructions and more…

Someone on AoC discord suggest Exiled_lands_improved, looks cool. Would love something that can allow me to build without worrying about stability, or at least increasing it a bit. Not sure if such a thing exists. Also I am not sure if it will all play nicely together.

With all the content provided in AoC, do you really need any more mods?

Heh, I thought you were talking about Age of Conan, but it’s of course the Calamitous mod.

And yes, mods are awesome! I wish I had time to explore them more.

Some folks in their discord suggested Emberlight and the Glass mod. The glass one is so I can build further without supports.

The other mods are to make the game more playable. Only one I am unsure of is the fashionist, LBPR is to improve the building system, without out game sux to build. Pickup+ is a must have to be able to pick things up again. StabilseCamera I can’t play without, as I get dizzy which eventually turns into a headache. Tier4 Thrall mod is useful as I don’t play 8 hours a day to get those T4’s. Spent 3 months without a single T4 Armorer without that mod. Oh and I forgot CD, which I also love as it gives you 12 hours to grab your stuff from your corpse. So most of them have nothing to do with content, but more about improving the game.

But thanks for your suggestion of not including any other mod, aside from AoC. I think I am just going to add the mods and see how it runs. New game so doesn’t matter if it doesnt work, or there is some conflict.

The only feedback I can offer is to always check how often any mods are updated. You do not want to use a mod for months that, post-patch, stops working and you cannot play the game without unloading the mod - and having all the mod stuff de-spawning, for example.

AoC is great from what I have seen. It’s not my cuppa cocoa, so I do not have it on my server, but it is excellent and used a lot on many private servers. Emberlight and SavageSteel too. PIPPI goes without saying as that would have been built into the core game in my opinion if the logistics between FunCom and the Dev could have been sorted.

Check out Less_Building_Placement_Restrictions_No_NPC_Camps and a number of the LitMan mods (LitMan updates regularly).

Pythagorus and Glass Construction were last updated last year, but don’t currently have any conflicts with any of the CE patches so still work fine.

Thanks for responding. Glass Construction seems very active in steam comments. So should be ok. I much prefer the Less_Building_Placement_Restrictions_Overlaps_Edition than the one you suggested, cause I like to build near cities/NPC camps.

Sounds like I am good to go. I ran up a server last night and we played on it for a few hours. Everything looks good so far. Except stacking, could have sworn one of the mods allowed for that, but I didn’t notice anything stacking more than normal. So will have to work that out.

Anyways, time will tell, but so far so good :smiley:

EDIT: In case anyone is interested, game runs as smooth as a babies bottom! Loving the new spin on the game with the added AoC, Emberlight and other cool mods. Really appreciate the mod authors, you folks are legends! Made this game go much longer for me. Would have just stopped playing if it wasn’t for all these cool mods!

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