My top 5 wants 4 conan

#1 - Transmogrification (would be a very welcome option to mix things up and create original looking charcters as opposed to almost every player looking the same / meta & generally just giving us the creative option to make our characters look how we want inplace of being forced into a look for the armors stats)

#2 - More MAP (i know you are pushing your technical limits, but we NEED this badly, even if it sends us somewhere outside the map similar to the two instences you have already used)

#3 - More activities / quests / dungeons (Anything to continue our gameplay after clocking countless hours & building = the game feels empty after completing what is available and building all that we set out to do)

#4 - Better Perfomance across the board = resolution + textures + lighting + latency… I sounds like asking alot, but considering every other game i run on my PS4 PRO does not suffer in all of these departments like the current state of Conan Exiles, some improvement on any or all of these factors would only better the quality of the game as a whole.

#5 - Photo Editor (not a great demand, but for some like myself = i create more of my own End Game content via “Screen Archery” & further my playability & enjoyment via this option)

With that said, i wanted to add that you all have done an amazing job with this game and it’s adoring community & honestly have not enjoyed a game like Conan Exiles in a long time. I will continue to play, support and enjoy the great work you have all done for many years to come, unless a bigger + better Conan Exiles 2 releases, then i will be completely enthralled by that :grinning:. Thank you for this game, truly.


My top #1?
A new claiming system similar to rust, so a bench that once placed in your base calculate all connected building pieces and activate the claim mechanic, it should also calculate “upkeep costs”, so you need to place materials in the bench otherwise decay timer starts, so 1) no more log in to reset timers but log in to farm resources to not activate decay 2) no more spamming foundations+claim in all gamemodes.


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I currently only have 1 single want from Conan Exils and FUNCOM…

A working game.
The last few days have presented a myriad of old + new & game breaking bugs :flushed:
Please for the love of CROM = no new content please, until you can address and solve the larger bugs that exist in the current version.
Anything else added at this point would only break your game further and push it even closer to being unplayable :flushed:

Please just fix stuff.
I have no other requests + wants or hopes at this point.

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Plz more stability for 100 player official server and 200 on private

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Not this = if you push FUNCOM yo work on this, it will only lead to even more unstability and issues across the board that will unfortunately effect both SOLO & PVE gameplay.

200 players in this game without issue is a fantasy and even then i guarentee a very glitchy one.

Not sure where all or any of these players that pushed for MOUNTS are, because i don’t play with or know any out of a pool of a hundred or more players. Look where that idea has gotten us so far (praying they can patch or re-roll it, because that one seemingly simple suggestion has opened a flood gate of non related bugs + crashes & issues :flushed:

Just work on fixing the existing problems FUNCOM. I fear this game is heading down a similar road ARK took and that is never good :no_mouth:

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I’m totaly with you on this, unreal engine cannot handle that many players, even fortnite struggle to handle 100 players and they use a custom in house modification to get that many players to work.

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Mhm… I have many wishes for 2020… but my favourite is more cosmetic or functional

-> Equipment modification
Currently the cold and heat resistance and the attributes are bound to the armor. It would be great if we could make our armour as a blank and process it according to our own wishes, e.g. heat or cold insulating inlays and optional slots for e.g. decorations that give a plus on one of the 7 attributes per armour part.
The heat or cold insulating inlays and decorations have to be made separately, with decorations being part of the “endgame”.

Or: What would be much easier to realize: a transmog function or as known from the mod “Fashionist”.

Players who want to optimize their character as much as possible will always wear the same armour and it would be a shame if the other good-looking armour styles became obsolete. Especially the Pictish Medium Armor looks great!

Otherwise a new area or biome would be refreshing. Above the jungle is a huge area and there you could do a lot more.

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My top wants?

  1. Fixing the bugs and glitches that have been present, and still present to this day, in the game since console launch

  2. Fixing the bugs and glitches that were present, and still present to this day, in the game since before the console launch.

The map this isn’t so much about limits, it’s more about Funcom shooting at their own feet. They can’t expand the map because Unreal"s grid system is stupid, and they stupidly used the north-east section of the map to store dungeons. So until they figure out a way to resolve this there will be no more map expansion, and they’re really close to being max capacity on the map limit anyway.

Of course I don’t really see how this is so big of an issue. Essentially when unreal draws for distance it takes into account x, y values for a vector not z. Now I don’t know how or why you would create a 3D engine that doesn’t take all three into account, but that’s whatever I guess… :roll_eyes:

I really don’t understand why it wouldn’t be possible to just sink dungeons under their actual location where all entrances are set to a constant for zed, and then passing the constant as an argument for zed value. Seems like a relatively simple fix to me thar even a beginner level game developer could work around but… Whatever I guess.

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