Next Major Update Wants - Decor Ideas

Can we get more decorations? Pictures that fit the walls instead of banners? Can we get like a small tree to plant, like the banana Tree? We can only do so much with Jugs and jars, other things would be nice. Better rugs that don’t look like they were drug through the mud and hung wet and got all damaged? A new big rug would be nice. More statues that fit in a house not as big as a house. Better chairs. Can we get paper that you can write on or be able to write and save a journal. In other games you could write books, yes they were limited, but a good short story is nice. Can we get book shelves?

Just asking for more décor as some of us enjoy building and decorating, but we can only do so much with so little.

Thanks in advance


Can we actually do something with decorations like fill the water up in jugs or put alcohol in barrel kegs or make stuff in bowls.


I like your idea, and want to further elaborate on it.

The game as is, is fantastic. They fixed most of the stability issues and for the most part, Conan exiles is a fun digital sand box.

It is missing some polishing though, and not of the visual sort, more of the quantity part. The quality is there (mostly).

Please Funcom, make a single, big, QoL/Decor/item update alongside, or before you try to add mounts or other big, fundamental changes.

Some changes that I would appreciate.

Customization of the GUI -

  • Scaleable GUI
  • Chat Box Customization/Tabs/Placement
  • Text Blurbs - Options to minimize, condense, or outright remove mouse-over blurbs. I don’t need a big red box to remind me I am looking at a tannery for the 1,000,000th time.
  • Further improvements (options) to the GUI - Additions such as opacity options.

Items - Add more, of all kinds

  • Add Legendary Armor from world bosses
  • Add additional armor slots (trinkets/satchels/belts/bags)
  • Example: Canvas Sac, slung over shoulder, increases carry capacity, limits weapon slots to tools.
  • Example: Larger Water Bota Bag
  • Much more decor, of every type, of every variety, a lot of it. New varieties. Go over board!

Quests - Add them please. Journeys just don’t cut it, it’s a basic part of most modern games, please implement a RNG … “collect” this, or “hunt” that. for “whoever”, turn it in for gold coins of XP.

Shops - You started with the most basic of shops, I would like this to be further improved beyond a single item sold by a single NPC. Set up a shopkeeper, give them random inventories, items sell for gold and silver coins. That’s it.

Water Mobs - Add them, cause I wanna get eaten in the water.

And of course…

Please add mounts and anything else that might interest you.


Probably something you never thought you would say in your lifetime.


Just a side note: in Conan’s day, “books” were scrolls. The codex of sown pages with a cover wasn’t invented yet. So a “book shelf” would look like an open-faced cabinet with crossed, diagonal shelving to stack scrolls. And open wicker basket without a lid was also used for stacking long scrolls vertically.


They do have an open wicker basket, no actual “scrolls” though, it would be neat if you could write in a scroll, place it somewhere, and someone could pick it up, unfurl it, read it, and place it back where it lay.

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There are scrolls … the papyrus scrolls can be placed out in the world and they are rolled pieces of paper …though like the journal and pages, you can not write on them.

I actually did not realize you could place those, thanks for informing me. Could make my smart table look a little smarter. But, as you said.

You can’t write in them, but its a nice start. Make an animation for unwinding these to read an image, or view a map, or see a photo, then place it back down. (Make them ‘E’ interactable)

But yea, thanks again for letting me know about those papers, gonna place em in a few dozen places now. Thought there we just an ingredient.

I’d like for some of the decorative containers (barrels, urns, etc.) to actually be usable as containers. It irks me having to store tar in a crate rather than a barrel.

It would also be nice if we could get the large, rod-hung banners in themes other than with the Set motifs. Ideally, the theme when you take the Banners feat should match whatever religion you pick at character creation. You could then learn the recipes for other from either the trainers for those religions, or from their secondary shrines (i.e. Mitra’s Serenity vs Muerilla’s Hope, Sepermeru vs. Mek-Kamoses Spire, etc.)

Higher tier Elevators and Drawbridges that fit the various building sets better would be nice.

A large Water Clock and/or Sundial would be cool, as would Mehirs/Standing Stones.

The ability to plant trees and shrubs inside the dead-zone of our inner land-claim would be welcome; it sucks to build in a scenic spot only to have all the scenery die off.

Also, since I don’t recall hairy women in Frank Frazetta and Boris Valejo’s artwork, maybe at least allow characters wearing a dancer outfit to shave or wax? Imiu of Derketo just looks nasty when she wears either the Lemurian or Derketo dancer outfits.

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