GUI Improvements

It’s time to show the GUI some love. Give us some options and improvements. I just watched my wife get frustrated over some exceedingly basic stuff that, in 2020 should be polished without question already. The admin panel in single player is very rudimentary. The HOT bar is too big. No scaling options. There is no option to display health numbers, or damage taken or done. It’s so simple and frustrating because small changes like this could make huge improvements to the game. Chat box could be made to have tabs, customization, emotes, ect. Here are more direct examples of what I would like.

Admin Panel - Include a search feature to find all “boot” type armors. (Daggers/utility/torches/water bags ect) A better search and find function becomes more and more necessary each time you add content.

Chat Box - Custom Tabs. Limit them if you have too, but give us more than whats available. Allow damage numbers to be displayed.

Chat Box - Stop auto-scrolling the chat every time someone else says something. People that are scrolled up in the text box can’t read stuff that is seconds “old” because it just refocuses on the newest message.

And all the other basic stuff that most gamers in 2020 take for granted. You guys prolly already have this all on your to-do-list. But please, scoot that stuff up. These small aggravations make an otherwise beautiful game seem clunky and unpolished.

Not trolling. I appreciate the effort that has gone into making Conan as pretty as it is. But please. Catch the GUI up with the rest of the game. A little love would go a long way. Friends list was a good start, but more is needed. Thanks!

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