Additions to the game

Hello and I’ve been playing Conan since it came out. Conan is really the only game I find myself playing but there are some ideas i have to maybe better Conan like the chat the PC has in game chat but ps4 does not and it would help lesson the toxic behaviour a bit more if you was able to contact the person thats causing the issue without having to add them because some folks settings are set to where you can’t just straight out message them without adding them. Another good feature would be adding more furniture items like a bath and maybe even poses in the bed like laying down.And it might even be cool if there was a feature where you could marry or partner with someone .The roleplay community would find that a good asset as alot of roleplayers play Conan.It might even be nice if there was an ability to have kids on Conan as there was children in that time as well . But those are some of the ideas that I feel might be good for Conan .Thank you

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