Some Suggestions for the Game - PS4 Experience has Base - 01

Some quick suggestions and that some probably were already suggested would be:

  • Adjustments done to some of the world bosses, that are total hit fests, they have a HP level too high.

  • Maybe do some adjustments to the character crafting menu, maybe the possibility to short craftables/recipes by type like the knowledge menu can so it optimizes the selection of a recipe to craft.

  • Maybe add a universe lore menu at a latter point after some more work to polish and optimize the game is done, a menu like this with information on the world of Conan, the bosses we encounter, the lore behing the Exiled Lands, its creatures, etc…, would be nice also.

  • Maybe a tutorial menu with quick tips and how to do some stuff, if it wasn’t the internet I wouldn’t know that to make steel bars I would have to craft them in the blacksmith bench using iron bars and steelfie, and that steelfire is obtainable on the firebowl cauldron with tar and brimstone.

  • Maybe let us adjust the camera distance from the player, and I say this because I would like to take some nice screenshots sometimes with my character sitting along side a bonfire and etc…, and snap a screen with the horizon catching my character and the bonfire and its smoke going, and I just can’t, I have to take one with the camera facing down, because thats the only way of getting my character fully in the image.

All of these suggestions were done with a experience based on the PS4 version of the game, there is one suggestion I could do to see if it helps with the optimization of the game on consoles, because it has some very often heavy frame drops, and I’m playing on the PS4 Pro, I can imagine people on the base/slim, my suggestion would be reducing the view sight, the thing is the way it is right now is one of the things that makes the game beautiful, it would be a shame but those drops get more frequent with time passing, and I’m playing alone offline, online I tried going once and the drops were bad, with the game skipping frames in combats even.