Suggestions for better gameplayloop

Conan Exiles has gotten a lot of good improvement over the last year. Game is in really good shape, and with mounts coming things will just get better. However I have some suggestions that I think will improve the game further.

1, Wine cellar dungeon; The last boss drops a note the you have to read to get the recipie for the armor. This is a very good change. In some of the other dungeons you could just run in and get the recipie without having to kill the boss. Some of the old dungeons should be improved as well, like the silent legien dungeon. The boss fights should be made harder and the recipie should drop from the boss and not from lore stones. The boss room itself should be reworked as well and made more open space so that its not so easy to cheese the boss.

  1. The dregs should be reworked to be a level 60 dungeon and made much harder. The stairs up to the boss should be locked off do that you cant escape when then boss fight has started. At the moment there is no reason to visit the dregs. So maybe instead of weapons and armor as drops, maybe it could drop resources. Not normal resources, but maybe special resources that can only be found in that dungeon. This could be applyed to several dungeons and worldbosses too. you have to collect these special resources from alot of different locations and then you could use the to craft something special. The same goes for the dungeon in the swamp. It should also be bumped up in difficulty. It is was to easy atm, and there is no reason to go there at all.

  2. I think that there should be more reasons to explore the world. The world is huge but currently it feels empty and lacks depth. For example the could be rare plants or flowers that have a very small chance to spawn at random places around the world but has a very high value. These rare mats could be crafted into something special of high value.

  3. There is several areas around the map that are almost completely empty. especial the swamp area and the the winter area on the north western side of the map. We need more reasons to visit the areas. We need more things to happen out in the open world not just in dungeons. There could be open world dungeons with high difficulty, or other challenges that forces us to visit these areas.

  4. Not more of the same. Im curious about how the horse system will work. Will it be exactly like the pet system? That would be a shame beacuse we already have several systems that is very similar. We grind for food, we grind for materials, we grind for thralls, we grind for pets. if the mount system will be the same its gonna be a little dissapointing. We need something different, so that the game just isnt the same repeatable tasks over and over again. Horses could have a small drop chance from various dungeons / world bosses for example. Give us a reason to go out in the world and look for stuff,

  5. Npcs. The npcs is sepermau is really cool, but no one of them as anything special to offer… Some of them could for example offer you a quest where that said that want several rare materials/items that can be found around the world, and if you bring them to him you get something of high value in return. Like a really rare crafting material foreks.

  6. PVP. This suggestion is maybe a bit controversial. Right now on a pvp server you can attadck everyone you want as long as the pvp time is active. How about we change this to a system where you cannot attack a players base unless they are currently online.? How you guys feel about tihis? Then you wouldnt have to worry about offline raiding and you would always be able to deffend yourself.

  7. Seppermau. It would be cool if this city could be turned into a giant living breathing city where there is no pvp and there was alot of dfifferent vendors, npcs, maybe banks, and a proper uction house where you could buy sell things,

  8. Thralls. In my opinion Thralls make the game a bit too easy. Its ok to have thralls defending your base, but I dont think you should be able to take thralls with you out in the world to help you fight mobs and bosses, It makes the game a bit too easy in my opinion.

  9. I also want the world to be more dangerous. Atm the moment its way too easy to just run a way if u encounter a NPC or Animals or mobs. Some of these creature should have their runspeed increased so that is much harder to get away. When you aggro a lion, tiger, rhino its a bit odd that you can just run away from them, The world should me really cruel and harsh. We should be forced to sneak around, be careful when out in the open world so we dont get attacked and killed.

What do you guys think about this? Anyone agree with some of it?

you should add spoiler tags at least to the first point. I stopped reading because you spoilered the new dungeon…

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spoiled? I only mention how you get recipe from boss instead of lorestones. Noe exactly a big spoiler.

I partly agree with you, however your list is a bit long and lack focus on a specific thing to be considered a serious suggestion, especially to developers, and a lot of people will not spend the time to answer you, but I decided to do give you my opinion :slight_smile:

  1. The biggest problem with recipe drop from boss is that only 1 from a group can use it, but I agree that you shouldn’t be able to avoid a boss fight and just grab a recipe.

  2. Most dungeons are already level 60 dungeons, there also should be something for lower level players to do besides fighting, harvesting and building.
    The Dregs boss already drop items needed in special recipes, but a further development of the dungeon + more special resources to harvest there would be a plus.

  3. I completely agree, as it is now, you know where to go for special resources once you get to know the world, some random spawn of rare resources would be great, only problem I see is that if these areas are landclaimed then you won’t find them.

  4. Again these areas may be inhabited by players on servers, what should happen to them if the area is suddenly claimed for open world dungeons and other stuff?

  5. For immersive reasons, I think pets should be found where they normally are, out in the world.

  6. That has been asked for many times and it is a good request, sort of like some of the traders in Flotsam where they sell stuff you can’t buy for gold coins, but rather rare items.

  7. Problem is that people could just go offline when they see an enemy being online or about to attack them, but some sort of system could maybe work to prevent/reduce offline raiding

  8. Well it sort of already is, most NPC’s are peaceful unless provoced, but how would you get thralls or kill npc’s there if fighting wasn’t allowed?

  9. We all play very different and are also very different as people, some may be young and have good reactions while others may be old, disabled or in other ways not comfortable taking on bosses all by themselves.

  10. I wouldn’t mind a world that is more harsh with predators that may be faster than you, but it would also piss people off that are only trying to get from A to B and end up having to fight constantly just to get around.

and thats a spoiler. you should not write about new stuff (in this case: how to get the new recipes) without a spoiler warning as long as it is not released.

You should use the Age of Calamitous mod. From what I’ve read and seen on YouTube, it makes the world much tougher. For example, there are monsters that can practically one-shot a level 60 player.

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