Suggestions to make the game better

I just bought the game the other day, and after trying out both Conan Exiles and Age of Conan: Unchained this past week, I find myself wishing some aspects of them were combined. I wish the graphics, world design (lots of beautiful desert with sandstorms) and basic ideas were like Conan Exiles but with more skills, especially dark magic abilities like in Age of Conan! (and a more similar combat system that is at least slightly more complex with at least a few combat and dark magic skills) Plus a little bit more of a story… There doesn’t seem to be much of one atm although the few hints of one with what few characters and speaking exists are brilliant. I want it to stay with survival elements like it is now, but with a bit more RPG aspects as well. And the graphics and world design in Exiles are gorgeous and perfect where in Age of Conan they aren’t very good (been playing mmos like ESO for too long… I’m used to better). I really love the barbaric world of Exiles as it’s so unique so I’d really love for a game that takes place in that world to be as awesome as possible! Age of Conan has potential, but it’s too much of a stereotypical fantasy game… not barbaric enough and the graphics are too old… even on ultra settings it looks disappointing. I would like a few more options in character creation as well… (being able to raise and lower eyes, mouth and nose).

I LOVE the sandstorms. REALLY great touch!

I’m thinking of writing a story for it and making it into a mod, if such a thing is possible… That’s how much I want more of a story and purpose than just running around killing! But considering the small amount of story material you do have (the opening scene with Conan… the glowing ruins, and the few talking npcs I’ve come across so far), you’d do a much better job at that! If you fleshed out what you already have just a little more. If I were you, I’d just flesh it out a bit and take what’s needed from Conan lore and stories that already exist, if making one up from scratch seems like too much work. It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard for you guys to do that and add a few more voices. :slight_smile:

A deeper story line would make it 10x better, and it’s already completely awesome in all other ways. I’m neither a Conan fan nor a survival game fan… I just felt in the mood to play in a kind of prehistoric game world like this and Conan was the closest thing I could find at the moment. I enjoy all kinds of games, but usual am drawn to games that are good on all levels, and usually if a game has a great story I get really really into it. So it’s one of the most important things for me. Even though combat, graphics, art design, ambience, etc are also important to me (I didn’t used to care as much about graphics, but I’ve gotten spoiled over the past couple years as graphical beauty in games has soared and my standards have gone way up! It used to be too hard to have beautiful graphics in multiplayer games… the technology was not advanced enough. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore!)

I’ve played Secret World too a lot and really enjoyed it. Although the story was Amazing in some parts and got stale and repetitive in others. Conan Exiles graphics are better than Secret World and on par… in some ways better than ESO… They feel more realistic in a very beautiful, atmospheric, and magickal way. I’m extremely happy with the graphics and art/world design! LOVE LOVE LOVE the sandstorms. I loved them in Spec Ops:The Line and love them even more in Exiles because they happen all the time!

Survival games are kinda a dime a dozen these days and even though you do the survival and building parts Really Really well, this game has the potential to be one of the best games out there with just a little bit more than that, so I urge you to develop the story, even if you can’t do it all before launch and have to add a lot of that later… :slight_smile: Or if you make DLC with added stories, I would buy them. Anyone remember Arcanum and Planescape Torment? Now those games had profoundly deep stories and skill design… didn’t even need the graphics of today. I remember running around reading books in Arcanum feeling totally amazed and consumed by the amount of depth that was put into it all. You guys could do things like that… You already have a little bit of that with the scattered journal pages. Maybe survival game fans don’t care about a story, but there’s a huge gamer group out there that does!

I also like the full nudity option! A lot of people maybe are wondering why does this exist. But I think it makes the game feel more adult and realistic and I love it. Naked women + blood is just an awesome combination, even if you’re not a lesbian. It just looks cool. And so few games have it.