Conan Exiles 2?

Hey there. I love the game, but I’m done. Ive survived, built, conquered, etc for a year with a few breaks in between and it truly Is one of the best gaming experiences ive ever had.

That said, theres alot to be improved as the suggestions continuously point out. May I suggest finding a stable build for the game, call it done, and work on a sequel.

Lets start a wish list!
My #1 simpler combat with sprint attack.
What i mean there is, i dont need twirly combos with every weapon. Their kinda not fun and unrealistic. How bout just fast attack strong attack, a jump attack and a sprint attack? You could become skilled, it would require finesse and * drumroll * it would be simpler to code!

My #2 work that conan lore knowledge some more!
Im a huge fan of the books, the movies, the comics, everything Conan. Hell, I became a power lifter and body builder because of conan, and lived a very conan life lol. That said, i love how much lore you put into the game! Id loce to see it implemented even more!
Really my number two is just a “good job now i want more” thing but hey what can i say.

And really, with Conan Exiles out, you could take your time and really polish the sequel. Make it so you don’t have to build the game after release. Most of my friends quit playing within a few weeks because of the patch/problem/patch/new problem thing thats been going on since launch.


@jesstheripper Im confident that you will be back in time, maybe after a hiattus. None of us can actually quit playing Conan Exiles, that is why us usual suspects are still here. :wink: But if by some chance you do happen to call it a day mate, let me have a look at your list. Lets see here…

-Improved cimbat ideas we have both been advocating for, for simetime now: tick.
-More in game lore additions, always a good thing: tick.
-Conan Exiles 2. Well…we dont have CE2 on the way, but there is that Conan Unconquered game in development. Im keen to give it a try. But invest more time in polish on the next title: yes please.

I think we have covered them all. Youve been a good friend and a steadfast ally buddy. Enjoy your future gaming exploits, burn with passion and love life. A ‘like’ for a good comrade.

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clear conan exiles 2 and again to pay for a new game. What they have to do is comply with what was promised and improve this and not embark on another game as they have done.

promised biomes that do not exist, a real agriculture (the current one is figurative and useless), a system of deficient pets, magic and a life system that is not expected. and you say they do conan exiles 2 ?. Funcom would have to face his face with shame.

not satisfied with that, they embark on the creation of a strategy game that I compare with a game of years ago Tzar older than the wheel. it does not even reach the level of age empire 1.

the only thing they do regularly is sell DLC. and even so fail to have temperature errors of the armor, aesthetic not consistent with the descriptions. The clearest mistake has been with the new dlc turan with clear Arab themes and is for cold. and where its description makes clear of Indo-Iranian origin.

i think for unconquerer they only publish the game, it’s dev by petroglyph, so funcom still work on exiles, until future project

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if you have seen the new strategy game that has in prollecto its graphic quality is undeniable that is less than an age of empire

but of the new ones not, the first one that in his time was a marvel today not

Haha yeah im sure ill be back on official servers in a month or two! Even when i “quit” i usually fool around in single player now and then. It’s just a damn good game!

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It’s even better on a modded private server - SO much added content.


Conan & Chill West Coast

Conan Exiles 2, just doesn’t seem like it’d work. Given the story in the current game, can’t really see the point of an entirely new game where you get sent to the Exiled Lands.

Rather instead, the next step seems to be finding a better engine, that is more capable with open world design. And instead just creating a Conan survival game where you can explore a large area of the Conan world. Without all the “Exile” stuff.

He’re some of the things I’d like to see:

  • Bigger world, even if it requires clustered servers where each continent is loaded in as a separate map by traveling from one server to another.
  • Better griefing safeguards. This would probably require a totally different approach to land-claim, but it shouldn’t be possible to wall off entire areas of the game.
  • More logically consistent armors & buildings. The current method of determining an armor’s resistance based on what’s already out is extremely unfulfilling. If there would be environmental effects, then let us use cloaks, linings, etc. to counter those rather than having skimpy armor that keeps us from freezing, and heavy furs that make us freeze.
  • Steal the combat system from Dragon’s Dogma and ditch the current system where we get locked into combos. Seriously, DD had the most enjoyable melee combat of any game I think I’ve ever played.
  • Paid GMs that can actually have a prompt turn-around on griefing issues, and more responsive servers would be worth a monthly subscription cost to me.
  • A less frustrating decay system. We shouldn’t have to build decay umbilicals clear across the world just to keep our outposts from crumbling because life gets busy. If you want to keep it short for free players and longer for paid subscribers then so be it.
  • A nice selection of official Seasonal servers for the PvP crowd to keep them happy.
  • I’d be OK with the addition of some recurring quests, raids, and public events, similar to what Destiny 2 has, though maybe grander in scope and less frequent or even instanced.

This game has a LONGG way to go before it’s polished. Currently it’s effectively Beta, maybe Alpha even. But, nevertheless I feel privileged to play it. It’s a good game even with myriad of faults.


With all these bugs ongoing on CE 1 who is gonna buy the 2nd?

that would only be to raise money. They fix this once. and do not do as always fix 1 and ruin 4. I took 2646 hours of play and the game is good, I love it but they have not met even 60% of what was promised. and what there is with failures. the funny thing is that the game engine does not let them do it.

3k hours here… unless addressing major issues or active admins on official servers, I would not…
A game with great potential, but without proper care a great caps lock NO from me… also by seeeing whatbthey prioritize as bugs in CE , the company’s other games r a great no also

I will maintainy base and keep track of the game… and enjoy the community (we created a pretty solid and save some apes nice community in the server I play on), but with all the latest no compensation wipes(against my personal point of view), and the wrong categorizing / bug fixing ( exploiterry lottery I should say), nomore money to this or other funcoms projects r on the list…

What bothers me the most is that they do not report anything. Every time we complain, they ignore it and remain silent.

Ur standards r probably too low or u speak from a safe place/ adminned server

i pressume ur standards based on ur posts
u seem happy with everything FC decides and u even believe game got better…

do not accuse for that ofc. we live in freedom so one’s opinion does not have to be on par with others, but that is my POV

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a “Conan Exiles 2” with mounts, server transfers, major improvements etc but its been disappointing seeing the amount of rampant cheating/exploiting on official. Makes me wonder how Funcom will handle any future sandbox/pvp/survival title to avoid a repeat of the current state of CE. I love the Conan lore and the (intended) gameplay but the pvp has stagnated lately b/c of the unintended gameplay. This is still a beautiful, addicting game and it still has a lot of potential.
I can understand people getting tired of the current meta and bouncing though. I’ll keep playing it until another Conan title or similar medieval survivial/sandbox pvp game comes along.


Indeed, we have to remember that conan was develop during a trouble time for funcom.

Sure it might be full of bug and all sorts of glitch/mistake but it’s also a project where the dev put they heart on, and tried they best (still do i thing ?) in order to create such a glorious game fild with mistery and sense of adventure.

My bet would be that Conan Exiles will truly rise during 2020, after the game full polish that we all dream about

i don’t possess any house, but i would certainly bet any base build i could do on that ! bcause i got a whole 12 month before i’m screwd^^

But the fact that conan exiles save the compagny from bancrupt show that even in the future this game will be take care of :slight_smile: