Changes that can improve the game


I would like to see dungeon bosses in conan exiles somewhat buffed, mainly being the well of skelos boss, I was able to run in destroy the boss with out losing damn next to no hp, it went down instantly (solo)

also a better rewards system for killing dungeon bosses, for example unique trophies, recipes or ingredients, otherwise killing them is pointless if you can run in and learn the tablet on walls for recipes

world bosses are just a damage sponges, killing them isn’t as enjoyable or challenging just tedious

an idea I had to encourage people to complete the game after getting all the artifacts instead of making a new character with no benefits why not make it not only do they have to level again but they gain a bonus 5+ levels for doing so, but cap it off so no one can abuse it, also maybe offer a unique recipe for gear where people can say they got that from completing the game

also I’d say avatars should be rebuffed to how a “God avatar” should be, a very powerful being but make them harder to get maybe instead of 500 zeal and an arch priest add more things that are challenging to retrieve for example add a unique artifact that you get for defeating a hard boss etc or more zeal

If anything else comes to mind, I’ll update this post (this was made after countless complaints from players on the server I play on and my personal thoughts and opinions)

Id rather see a type of where Oh look i can now explore beyond the green wall but make it non buildable but rather Harder harsher and a dungeon that So hard that When defeated give gear recipes and some additional stuff but if you died at any point after you taken your bracelet off… you have activated Perma-death. As in if you died you WIll not be able to respawn. Thus the True test of challenge. Can you survive without the benefit of a respawn.

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I like the idea of a unique armor or weapon, perhaps even a unique pet for completing the game. Maybe have some requirements to this so that no one can abuse it. Like having a clan or friend with all the ingredients and everyone just uses them to get the unique stuff without actually playing the game. They actually have to complete certain (random) things along with getting the items needed.
And once they complete the game and make a new toon, perhaps a +1 to +5 random stat increase to all the attributes.

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