Special Decoration DLC , Armor Stand Decoration and more

I play this game only for Creative building, I love the material grind and building your castle from scratch, I do all PVE content just to get more decorations and make the most amazing base ever. I would love to get a DLC that contain lots of Decorative ideas,
here is my list of what I wish to be added to the game.
1- Armor Stand ( just like weapon stand on walls, would love to see same for armor)
2- weapon stand placed on Ground.
3- Practice dummy on Ground.
4- Decorative Palm Trees. ( small Medium and Larg trees)
5- Decorative Japanese style Trees.
6- Decorative burned trees
7- adding home pets. ( dogs cats )
8- more boxes and chests designs.
9- the ability to dye the base color of structures.
10- the ability to make fighting thralls or archer thrall make emote like dancer thrall ( not just stand there) ( would love to have my thrall Practice sward emote ) while he is in my inactive and not on "follow’.
11- animal animation it will make the place more alive due to all animal are moving or making some emote while they are inactive.

what you guys think and also share what you wish to be added to the game (decoration wise).


I like these ideas however, this much would definitely crash your game. Unless they go to minecraft like graphics. LOL.

All great wishes, creative building in Conan Exiles is really so much fun and I see where you are coming from. If you are playing on PC there are many great mods which would fulfill the majority of all your wishes already, like trees, armor stands, home pets etc. So unless you are playing on console, it might be worth exploring the Steam Workshop and taking a look at the most popular or most subscribed mods in case you play single-player or on your own server.

Agreed though, that more official placeables would be amazing!

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