What do you want out of the next DLC?

So far, we have gotten 5 DLCs (not counting the Riddle of Steel pack). They have all featured some of the same stuff (building pieces, armor, weapons, and warpaints). 2 of them have had placeables (Imperial East and Jewel of the West), 2 have had pet skins (Savage Frontier and Seekers of the Dawn), and 1 had a mixture of both (Treasures of Turan).

Questions I have are:

  1. What do you like and don’t like about the DLCs so far?
  2. Is there anything different that you would want changed in the new DLCs?

I am not a fan of the pet skins and I really like the placeables. I also would like “civilian” clothes (might have said this once or twice).

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rework of obsidian to re-balance it with other tiers


Considering that Funcom only want to sell cosmetic DLCs, Civilian Clothes are a good idea, also more Placeables.
For myself I hope for new Thrall mechanics which hopefully will come with the Thrall Overhaul and AI Improvements.
Think of the fighting pit, which accidentally came with the riddle of steel dlc. It never functions and they removed it again with one of the next hotfixes but I thought: Wow what a great idea to let your Thralls or the Thralls of other players fight against each other.
Or think of music instruments for Thralls or new emotes.
The Thrall Overhaul certainly will give Funcom much more possibilities for more awesome DLCs


For me, they can bring anything in upcomming dlcs since the A.I rework comes in place, I need to be able to put my archers ready to defend my little tree house outside raid hours, I already lost one because enemy players can come in before the raid hours start, and set up the invasion.

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Hey they asked me what I wanted, I told em what I wanted.

I always thought DLC was the paid cosmetic (mainly) stuff.

Why is everyone posting the known issues/grievances that would be part of a FREE patch. Can we not stay on point for once. There are plenty of other thread that you could add to the discussion of bugs/exploit.balance fixes.

DLC, i would like to see decorative items. Unique statues, and possible rounded building roof pieces (visually only, hit box and mesh technically would be the same as a “square” so as not to make it exploitable in PVP)


pretty sure yours was too detailed regarding publishing exploits

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Because DLC is paid. So some people would pay for the fixes, and others wouldn’t? Who would pay to not exploit if others could still do it afterwards. Again, DLC is paid stuff from my understanding. PATCHES are what these ideas and thoughts are for. Wrong thread, or better yet, tired of fun creative threads getting hi-jacked by the same ole same ole.

If we aren’t going to stay on thread, then i want an ESPN tracker on the bottom of the screen so during Sundays, i can keep up with my fantasy scores. If we are going to derail every thread, then lets just run it Thelma and Louise Style off the cliffs.


I would like a paid DLC for admins and SP that allows for deeper settings tweaks.


yeah ur right, I was thinking patches and not reading, ill remove.

that should just be QoL freebie IMO

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No problem. Not that their ideas aren’t good, or that they don’t have merit, but would love as a community we have some positive creative threads. Ones that the devs can see what we are willing to pay for on DLC’s.

I just really wish they’d sell weapon skins, emotes, and dances for funding.

open market a la cart store would probably net more (think v-bucks)


Weapon Skins would be awesome, emotes and dances as well. Tied to the DLC’s would be awesome.


For explanation on why pet skins replace placeables in some DLCs, see the purple notice at the top of this page:


nice link. Really confirms some things about performance and placeables as well.

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DLC are paid for but they also fund the fixes. I’d say it’s fair game to state where I want our funding to go regardless of if it’s from DLC or not and I refuse to let these issues fall under the radar.

Besides when are we going to get these free patches? The game’s been out for over two and a half years and they still haven’t fixed the first person camera issues that have been here since day one of EA. Not to mention in that time they created another first person camera exploit from DLC.

They just keep giving us more content when they could give us relief on the issues with simple changes to the game until they can get to fixing them.


Although the page has been heavily edited by now, what I was responding to was mostly from June of 2018. We already know this is inaccurate because both the Turanian and the Riddle of Steel DLCs have plenty of placeables. I’m really delighted something is being done about this issue and its contribution to inaccurate information about this game.

It’s patently untrue, and demonstrable in the current build.

When I download a DLC from any developer of any game I play, I expect new environments, new game modes and some cosmetic changes. I want the stable at the edge of town to be gradually built. I want to see a casino finally open. I want to see there being a reason for downloading. Funcom has always given us a ton of neat stuff with the cosmetic DLC, and now that the game is finished, I think that’s what we can expect. Personally, I want more of the population revamp. More of the same.


What I would like to have is:

  • Cosmetics: Trees and more plants in general. I miss the vegetation around my buildings :frowning:
  • Building pieces: more arcs, proper windows (wishing for glass), wooden bridges, railings (indoor ones).