Release New Content for the DLC That's Already Out (?)

I know some people are on the fence about DLC, especially when there aren’t any placeables involved. I could imagine several placeables for the DLC packs that didn’t include any, and that sparked an idea…

What if, to make DLC more appealing and give a greater incentive for people to pick them up even after they have decided on which ones they may not want, Funcom included new content for past DLC in some of their ongoing updates?

Like this rumored (mostly confirmed) Turan DLC - what if in addition to what’s being sold in that DLC pack, the update also includes some Pictish placeables, or a few more Khitan parts, for anyone who has purchased those DLC packs? This would give more value to a purchase you have already made, and instill confidence in people who were/are on the fence about buying DLC to begin with.

I don’t think it can be argued that the idea that DLC you purchase will have content added to it later makes that DLC way more desirable, it’s really more a matter of whether Funcom sees that as a legitimate strategy to get more people to part with their money.

My opinion on this doesn’t mean much because I buy this stuff the second it’s available, but maybe people who haven’t purchased DLC, or haven’t purchased all the DLC, could weigh in?


No new place-able is, a big part of why I skipped on Yama.
(edit in) I skipped Pict cause didnt care for “pict” design.

I bought Aqu, cause of thumbnail of light armor. (totally thought it was cloth over chest and waist) (mention lower)
Bought Khaitan cause of Asian style roof tops, and wall designs and items. (I’m welsh/japanese) I’m sucker for it. (yama roofs and style match to closely to)
Loved light armor design, (thou circlet look weird with 1 hair style I like)

I’d take some recolor of Khaitan wall(paper bed wall) and lanterns,

Personally, when they first showed Aquiain one, was icon(thumbnail for chest) of light armor, that looked like cloth draped over chest. And i was in dream heaven.
It ended up covering up more.

I’d be happy with more “clothes” Doesn’t have to be sexy time in exiles land… Some outfits to mix and match with armor. Hoods.
Some more “dancer” armors for thralls (and myself…cause this girl gotta perv)

hell, some new Siege designs. (this comes from Elder Scrolls Online, which has dragon head ballistica for Pact, and Lion for DC sides etc)

I DO NOT use the pets… I rarely use thralls, I Souls game this stuff, and time to time take Wolf with me. Pet part of DLC is a waste, they die to easy from falls, they take 20-30mins teleport to you. Why even dress them up. =/

Banner flags (thou this falls in item category)

Mid level weapons, instead of just newbie and end game.

Again…new Clothes would be a big plus plus plus in my book.
OR (edit in) New hairs, really only one style like… and other 2, cover ears.
What can i say…being a girl skews my thoughts on outfits and hairs. LOL


Admittedly Yamatai is the only DLC I’ve skipped, but that decision was heavily affected by the lack of placeables (and my dislike for the look of the Yamatai pets in addition to Yamatai being a Marvel Comics creation and not described by R.E. Howard).

Would I buy it, if placeables were added to it? Probably. After all, one can never have too many placeables for decoration.


This resonates with myself as to why I skipped Yamatai. Its not that it was outright bad, it just didnt appeal to me personally. Much like yourself, I was not overly fussed with the pet designs and the lack of placeables. But more so, I already have an Asian themed dlc in the form of the Khitan pack, and I personally just percieved thst yet another one would ‘skew’ the ‘feel/atmosphere’ away from a Hyborian one and more towards a ‘Feudal’ one. But maybe Im just weird.

This aspect however never really bothered me. Funcom has always used material from the entire Conan universe, and not just R.E.H. including in Age of Conan. And I for one always welcome anything which makes for a larger, and more diverse catalogue of in game features and enemies.

Exactly Kendaric. I would say that placeables should be the first and foremost consideration in any new dlc pack. I see myself as buying it for the placeables, and the building materials are a bonus.

Just for the record, I would love to see either a Stygia or Shem dlc pack.


the only issue with this is you are technically paying for extra content for a dlc you already paid for and if its got extra stuff for a dlc you did not buy you are paying for things you can not use unless you go spend extra money on the other dlc you decided you did not want…

I would like them to bring out extra stuff for them yes, just not in paid dlc packs… maybe have free ones (if you own the original dlc pack)

I probably could have articulated it better, but that is precisely what I meant:

Future updates containing free items for DLCs you have already purchased, regardless of whether you buy the newest DLC, is what I am requesting with this post.

I think it adds value to prior DLC purchases, makes the older DLC more enticing to people who never bought it, and gives confidence that there is more value to come from new DLC as well.

It is an idea that I believe would translate to sales, and one I think Funcom should seriously consider.


More content would encourage additional players to purchase the DLC, and make current owners happier. In the future the DLCs should follow the same general template, and any new additions should trickle their way into previous DLC. (Pet skins/items) I know its extra work, but we pay for the service and they ultimatley benefit from offering good product.


Thank you for the replies so far guys - really hoping this idea gains traction, as I believe it greatly serves Funcom’s financial purposes as well as our customer satisfaction.

It’s also a profit-driving system that serves as a gesture of goodwill for the player base as a whole, as people who haven’t purchased any DLC gain the benefit of new visuals and placeables/armor made by other people.

If anyone at Funcom sees this, please run this by your people and let us know how feasible or infeasible this is. I love this game more than I ever thought I would and want its life to be long-lasting and fruitful. Thank you again for developing my favorite escape.

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