Please no more Pets in DLC

The DLCs are nice. We use all of them on our roleplayserver. But … please!!! … no more Pets! We miss your decorations which where in the first DLCs Aquilonian and Khitai. A roleplayserver never can have enough decorations :relaxed:
And now I’m really glad of your next DLC :blush:


+100500! I was slightly disappointed with the last 2 DLCs for not having some new decorations.


Yes please , no more pet skins , placeables were much better !


Here as I put up suggestions on how to improve future DLC.

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I agree, pet skins are cool, but placeable items is muche better.


@Ruffness what’s in the next DLC?

@Raffnuss I meant to add

Indeed, there really needs to be more decoration. I bought the Aquilonian DLC for my cousin for xmas and she loves all the building pieces, but benches and planters for the garden… really, log benches in Aquilonia? They should be marble. Planters should be marble. I really hope that future DLCs get more attention to detail AND PLEASE go back to the existing DLCs and add more craftable decorations to match the DLC region/race. I’ll be very sad if the DLCs do not get more love.

RPvE (is that a game term, or did I just coin a new one?) is where your long term players come from. We love to build and decorate. We stick around a long time. We buy all the DLC content, unless the content is really lacking, like half of them are now. Why on earth not have Yamatai and Pictish decorations? Will the next DLC only have buildings and no new armors or even pets? DLCs after that only have pet skins and no armor or buildings?


I totally agree. I bought the Yamatai DLC because it is Japanese inspired. However, I’ve never used, and don’t plan on using, pets. Pets just don’t interest me. So it feels like the DLC contains only half the items compared to the Khitan and Aquilonian DLCs.

The best thing to do would be to add additional placables to the existing DLCs. This could include pet skins for the Khitan and Aquilonian DLCs for people who are interested in skins.

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i would prefer both decorations/furniture as well as skins. they could do a dlc patch to add khitan and aquilonian pet skins and to add pictish and yamatai decorations and furniture ie: sabertooth rug or bear rug for pictish


I will say this. I have a house in the desert and the pictish wizard armour is helpful there. I do agree though, animals dont really appeal to me and I would prefer more decorative items.

Edit… I think every dlc should have another crafting table, looks good in my marketplace lol


Well, this is good for Funcom to see. If they can target their efforts to what their customers actually want, they can certainly make more sales. I personally will buy all the DLCs, just because I want to build all the style bases, all over the map, but I have friends that also only want DLCs that have new decorative crafts.

Every other MMO and especially sandbox game I have played gets great fan feedback on every crafting update. People just love making stuff in games.

Btw better be both decorations and pets, and add support backwards. So aqualonian and khitan get animals and frontier and yamatai just decor

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I love animals but most of them look good enough without such permanent decorations. I’d use such “skins” if I could change them freely for my existing pets.


I agree, we needs more placeable in the next DLCs

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I assume the reason for this has not been mentioned in above replies

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Hmm. I get that it is more work for the artists for placeables, but this line confuses me a little: “Placeables take a lot more server/render memory than building pieces all things considered, and consoles were starting to creak under the pressure.”

If I place 100 Khitan rugs, does this put more pressure on the server than 50 Khitan and 50 Yamatai rugs?

I totally understand that less decorations will be placed if there are fewer choices and none of the choices match the architecture, but we are still going to decorate as best as we can with the few items provided.

Also, not making content that has more appeal to your paying customers, because it is too much work… why walk away from a deal that is easy to close?

I would gladly pay for a DLC that offered more placables to all of the current DLCs. Always happy to pay for the work. As they say on Reddit “take my money!”


I think pets are a good idea Like wouldn’t mind having some elephants as a pet and maybe a few spiders and snakes. But what would be something I feel like would bring the attention of a lot of players is making a DLC or Update that expands the world, like add in few new areas on the map. Now for DLC’s I feel like it would be good if you maybe added horses or some kind of mount you can ride like perhaps a Saber tooth like how they did in Far Cry: Primal. Another thing as its been mentioned by fans is more decorations. Like perhaps something like a glass ball that you can see and spy on other players on the map as if it was a CCTV camera. or a staff that summons the dead to fight alongside you. Another Idea would be to add in new creatures to fight maybe some things from Norths Gods or Egyptian. I also believe in adding in a few more gods for updates would be fun. Well these are just some Idea’s ive had and I’ll keep sending more.

Another Idea would be Pet armor to add in the game that would be awesome along side with riding mount and different saddles also allowing you to shoot your bow while on your mount would bring attention.

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On the server, no, probably not - or not noticeably so, in any case.

For your PC (or console), however strange it may sound, it could well be the case, though. The concept is generally known as “geometry instancing”, it’s variously also called “GPU instancing” or similar, and in a nutshell it allows the GPU (graphics card) to re-use calculations it already made for that object to render multiples much faster than it would’ve been otherwise able to.

Whether people use enough of the same placeable (not building pieces) for this to truly make a difference, I cannot say - only Funcom can answer that.

But consoles being what they are, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to learn that they are (once again) the limiting factor, making the game worse than it otherwise could’ve been. For the record: I don’t dislike consoles (let alone the people who play on them!) by any means, but I am sometimes saddened by the effect they’ve had on the PC market.