Ways to improve current and future DLC

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Hello Everyone,

After long a busy while with RL i have returned and have brought a suggestion with me.

This suggestion is around all current and future DLC and ways they can be improved on so here is some of the things i feel could improve them,

. DLC should have both pet skins and themed decorations, as this would allow the DLC to get more content as well as suit the needs for players that want pet skins and those that want new decorations.

. Modability should also be added for DLC items so modders can make use of some stats or in case a modder wants to balance the DLC gear to match other stats in their mod or mods.

. Possiblely some thralls added like Picts being found part of the Dogs of the desert and Kitian and Yamamata being found with the relic hunters as mercs.

. Finally DLC maybe being put on testlive for testing as an event to help polish it and a reward could be a discount or a free code for the DLC if a objective is met.

This is all i have as what does everyone think and anything you think can be improved for the DLC?


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