Cameron's suggestions

Cameron would like to present you with some suggestions, I already bothered the PR guy (Sorry about that!) and they told me to post them here. A lot of these are for RP purposes, no real pvp or PVE things they’re just smalls things I and others have wanted:-

  1. Placeable babies that can wander around your home. The turtles were a good start but who doesn’t want a baby lynx or a baby spider chilling in their abode? I sure as Crom do.

  2. And on the subject of babies, some smaller animals as pets might be nice too, like a house cat or monkeys, rabbits, birds, ferrets, snakes etc.

  3. While on the subject of animals can we please have pigs (not boars!!) and chickens, farmers life for meeee.

  4. Different mounts. Come on now everyone wants a bear mount or a big old cat mount or one of those big scary boars.

  5. Dyeable saddles, curtains and bedsheets.

  6. Snake trophies, can’t be a true Setite without Snake decorations being a thing right?

  7. More furniture pleeassseee, even if It is is a DLC, I totally would buy a furniture pack=D

Cameron thanks you for reading. I may add an edit section as I asked people on the RP server I play to come to me with suggestions!

We’ve been asking for something as easy as a smaller gate over and over again… never came. We’ll see about actual pets. I’d rather have them make the ones that are in the game, and especially human followers, a better experience first to be honest.

Always wanted a vulture though… :wink:

Vulture are needed so they can clean up after the purge when I’m done with them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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