Baby Animal Pets

So hear’s an idea, how about baby animal pets? You could make a special fodder that can be fed to baby animals that would allow you to place them back in the world as a baby. They would function pretty much the same as turtle pets currently do on The Isle of Siptah, wandering around aimlessly and with no combat ability whatsoever. Also, if you wanted a more practical reason for players to bother with them, they could give players the Entertained buff. Because the antics of baby animals are definitely entertaining!


That sounds good to me! I like the idea of giving them the entertainment buff to add a bit of value to them, plus not every character wants dancers around so that would add a nice variety

I’d also like to be able to return animals to the pen, just because they look more natural laying down in there than standing around like a statue. I guess that’s a bit disconnected from baby pets but it’s pet related :upside_down_face:

Baby pets and pet /thrall idles in general would be great for immersion. Dancer sprawled next to the throne like a Boris Vallejo painting, pet wolf curled up next to the fireplace and wolf cubs wandering around inside my base. Fun fact, if you build right on the shore of Telith’s Island so as not to interfere with the bear or tree spawns, you can have cubs wander inside your base.


Or little Pet Armors :grin::pray:


While barding might make sense for some pets, I doubt we’re going to see armored squirrels anytime soon. And would you really want to! Their hit boxes would be non-existent!