This is probably already discussed but

Hello Exile Builders

Pet animations.

Can we implement some kind of mechanic where pets “do things” while they are guarding? Normally they just stand there. Why not have them go for a wander around the base, or roll in the hay, something?

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That would be very costly for the CPU, when you have 55+ pets. However idle animations like scratching or changing pose might work. That would be a nice addition and liven up your base.

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I really don’t want to clean up their mess on the floor of my base. I do enough poopy scooping in real life.

Lol, that would be funny though right?

Yes to idle animations…a great idea!

I’d just like the poor things to be able to sit or lie down while “guarding”. I demand enough of them while we’re out adventuring; they’ve earned a nap!

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LOL, that’s hilarious.

Yeah, it’s a riot till your character steps in it.

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