Pet passive stance and Idle animation

Unsure if this has been brought up, but it would be extremely helpful to have a true passive for pets, even more so if you could have them lie down as we do have the animations for some of the pets already in game.

Honestly as a long time gamer and rper find it remiss to not have put in a true 100% passive stance with the initial release. Being unable to have full control of your pet makes keeping them around when fighting or visiting people extremely problematic and in the end you wind up just stuffing your pets away in a box so they don’t maim someone when you go to say hello. Or you don’t lose them since you can’t really control what they attack nor is there an easy to get them to de-aggro once they latch on to something.

Being able to set a pet passive for those moments when you’re talking to people or fighting something your pet can’t actually fight would make them a much better and much more useful addition to the game.

An animation for sitting or idling would be nice as well, even more so for RP servers, and some of the sitting and lying animations are already in game for pets like the cats.


Of course this is coming true with a mod

oh nice! Thanks for the video!

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