Pet idle animations

I see previous topics have been brought up about this and were automatically locked at their 7 day limit after the last post. So this is why I’m bringing this up now.
They seem alive, moving slightly (as if their breathing), but they don’t do anything else.
Since mounts are slated for December I wanted to ask if pet idle animations might be on the slate for it as well.
For example: Pet Tiger. A behavior similar to felines, say when they groom themselves (excepting very personal things … if you catch my drift). Same with canines.
They sit.
They lay down.
Yet, they are observant.
They bathe.
They “sleep”. (not sure how that would work).

Any information on that?


This. It’s so annoying that you raise pets and they just stand there doing nothing. Every once in a while my base will get raided by an npc (I play offline mostly) and my pets will all go and defend and then for a blissful few minutes they wander about grazing and being animal like.

Maybe wolves and hyenas could pick a bone up off the ground, shake it a bit, then crunch it in half like they’re playing with it.

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