More Immersive Animations

We’ve seen great improvements on combat animations. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get some more “life” into thralls? Both tamed and untamed Thralls that look like they harvest resources (mining, chopping wood, skinning an animal, stirring a cooking pot, walking to the nearest storage box and then back to their station, etc.).

Also, adding facial animations. Maybe at their work station, there’s furrowed brows of a struggle during crafting or happiness (smiles) when they are well fed? Maybe that blacksmith hammer hit the wrong spot (ie. painful expression from self injury).

Also adding idle animations. Guard duty can get boring. It seems unnatural for one’s guards to stand rigid with minimal movement. Maybe have one check armor fittings. Or another leaning against a wall. Or another sitting down (until the player gets near and then they try to stand up and look alert). Or even dancer thralls that take a break from dancing 24/7 when the player isn’t close by.

It just seems there’s quite a bit more “life” that can be put into the thralls (even in their encampments).


yeah this would be nice… just so people who come into this thread… id would really like if there is some experience animator out there or want to try their luck in animation the dev kit allows for more animation to get put in. I have myself coded for animation to work so its not entirely difficult to add animation in… just take more art animator to do it.

If it works for the npc like the one in sepermeru talking and walking around then why our thralls and pets. I like to see them sitting down by the fire or talking to one another and my pets sniffing around or sraching themself or something.

There are plenty animations, even more with mods added (pc only that’s true). What I would like is the ability to hotkey animations in our hotbar. As a 95% of the time Rp’r, it would make interaction way easier and faster, when you can select some common ones you use frequently. That, combined with another suggestion someone else mentioned, a second hotbar, or even third, AoC style, would make rp’ing way more fun and interactive.

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