Thralls/Pets idle animations, NPC mouth movement and "weak" water creatures!

I like this game concept, i really do! For me it’s a survival game that is less grindy than ark and more focused on the RP aspect.

But there is some minor things that takes my immersion away. I know it’s not ark, but the waters are lifeless, there’s not a single “real” fish. Don’t need to make dangerous beasts at water, just make weak fishes and crocs, etc able to swim at player walking speed. Is that really that hard?! I really think that something like this is what drives people away from the game… A guy that plays ark and don’t mind the RP aspect (not my case) will find the game lifeless… But ok, maybe this is hard (i don’t believe).

I have at least some minor requests… Other things that drives me away are the fact that human NPCs uses thair minds to comunicate, there’s no mouth movement! Don’t need lip sync, just make the lips move! It’s possible, we see it at the first cutscene!

And pets/thralls… I can understand that making them able to move around can make them “glitch out” of the base (had that on ark), but at least make some idle animation! They have these creature/human animations, why the pet versions can’t have?

Please devs (if you ever see this), make the things more immersive! At least mouth movement and idle animations!

EDIT: By the way, i have found this video and i’m surprised it didn’t get many views

So, is that really hard to have mounts?


A radial menu to choose thrall animations is one of my most wanted features atm. The animations changes depending on what weapons they have equipped. If it has a spear it could for instance have an animation called “Spear guardsman right” and “Spear guardsman left” which would make the thrall hold the spear up right or left and together it would form like a X blockade infront of a door and if you approach them they retract their spears etc. This would add so much to a town/village with thralls. Also as you mention idle animations for thralls just standing around like folding their arms, rubbing their head every 30 second etc :slight_smile:


Yes! That’s exactly the type of thing i want! They have these animations, we see animated NPCs at some areas, it’s not something hard to do… Like dancers that already have an idle animation.

And for pets, at least the elephant have an idle animation (flapping ears), but the others i see still like breathing statues… What is weird is the fact that the shaleback for example have idle animation when it’s not a pet. These things can be “minor things”, but helps A LOT with imersion.

And mouth movement, is it really that hard to just put an opening/closing mouth without lip sync for human NPCs?

And for the water creatures… Crocs are not that hard like in EA anymore and other enemies are easier too! They can already enable swimming enemies and fishes!

I’m totally on-board with the NPC/Thrall animations, but as far as the mounts, this subject has been beaten to death and it has been said multiple times that mounts will not be added, and personally I don’t see the need for them, you can already fly by using the admin panel and increase your run speed, if you want mounts your going to have to rely on mods or make your own mod for this. But a hand full of thumbs up for the animations!!!

Probably not - but it would look as weird, if not weirder, than the current ventriloquists. Sometimes it’s easier to accept something that’s intentionally unnatural than something that tries, and fails, to look natural (“uncanny valley”).

I know about this… But i have played some games before that had a kind of “not lip sync” mouth movement and it felt much more immersive. I think that if they want to voice NPCs and animate their arms when talking, it’s better to animate the mouth too!

I agree that in a cutscene it’s weird, but i’m talking about the world NPCs, and just the human ones. I can accept monsters without mouth movement to talk, but humans speaking with their minds for me is the real uncanny

I was thinking about it and it is really an amazing idea. And it can be a ingame mechanic too!

We have emotes that we only learn if we interact with books or watch some ghosts.

It can be tied to the number of emotes the player have. If he wants to set a emote on a thrall and don’t have it, he will need to adventure searching for them.

It will be really a nice touch to have thralls able to have player set emotes, from the RP aspect, we could build a place that feels alive.

At PVE i made a tavern, but the only animated thralls where the cooks and dancers of course… It was a lifeless tavern…

Being able to set emotes can make some places like the places we intend it to be!

Another nice thing would be the the implementation of a “trader” thrall, that can act like vendors and sell player stuff for coins or itens.

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did you use this mod? it’s far from what I expect from a full mount support. animation wise and from the handling. also is the modder in the modding discord, and he/she now knows why funcom did not want to implement mounts. what he/she told about implementing this mod is a real pain in the … and not funny at all.

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