Lets talk about pets

Hopefully they are like thralls. Hopefully pets don’t need food. I also hope we can tame the turtles.


Why would you hope they don’t need food? you want pets but don’t want to take care of them?

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Can’t we just assume they get fed? Kind of like how we assume our characters take a $hit? We don’t need any more time wasting requirements to fun.


I´m okay with feeding the pets…if we have a bucket for that…and don´t have to feed them manually… :joy:

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Yeah there needs to be a feeding trough or bowl you keep food in. To not have to feed at all is boring.


I guess it depends on the frequency with which we will have to feed. Also, I hope there is a fairly low limit on how many you can have, or provide a box you can put them in so they aren’t all over the place lagging the servers.

Personally I would love to have a Hyena, to be able to pick one of the pups when you kill the adult. I love hyenas. :slight_smile:
Not to train to attack because then loads of players would go out with packs of them to attack evceryone else.
Restrict how many you can have.


Or a black bear that starts off as a cub and grows up to become a big comfy chair you climb into before you log out. he can guard and keep you safe.


i want Dragon hatchlings.

Even if they don’t grow into adults.

Although since they’re demons, I doubt they’ll be able to be pets but still would be fun to have one or two.

We don’t have to feed our thralls, so I get the impression we won’t have to feed our pets. I’m almost wondering if there will be a “training pen” similar to a “wheel of pain” that we place babies on, then when they’re “trained”, they just act like standard thralls.

Hopefully you’re right about pets. I want sorcery so badly. It would be wonderful to have skeleton pets.

What about dire wolf pups?

I want thralls, but I don’t want to take care of thralls.

If pets are limited it shouldn’t be to 1 or 2 pets per clan member. How many pets= damage,health and armor. Lower the numbers more of that pet you can have. So let say you can have the small none boss dragon as a pet. That fills up your max number of pets you can have.

If i were to want pets around they would need to be natural pets like wolfs and maybe under doubt hyenas. No hordes of skeleton dragons etc. That is for superheroes and not even Conan himself have that.

There would have to be limits, 1 per player, natural like a wolf(if magic is introduced summoning demons could be separate from that but still limited to 1), and maintenance, this is a survival after all, it is not meant to be easy.

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I rather not baby sit my pet. Remember thralls are still in there dumb stage. They don’t require food. So why should my pet require food.
Skeleton dragon-Only if it’s permanent and required no food. And baby dragons you fight.

1 per player Wouldn’t seem right. I see alot of bear pet clans. Or whatever is strongest pet is.

A true balance is Max/power= Limit

The stronger it is the less you can have.

Lifestock and pets could be seperate tho. Fine by me if you want 10 ostriches but having to see your 10 bone dragons breaks my imersion.
Do that in a mod on your single player please.

Also, thralls feed themselves because they are adult people that can cook. A dragon or dog would as in real life require upkeep.
And if i had to choose i would rather have upkeep on thralls too than loads of overly easy pets.


best pet ever Hyena because they snare you

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We don’t need another Ark. I’m a barbarian. Not a dog breeder.

Your realize 10 bone dragons required 10 dead dragons. I’m talking about the none boss versions of course. And I already stated power/max.

Exactly. And THE Conan, a barbarian do not tame any kind of dragon or skeleton, boss or no boss.

Limited power is good but i still do not wish 10 weird as$ pets in my face.

We’re getting pets tho, seem to be on its way so the details are probably already decided regardless of both our opinions.